1. The title is cool.

2. The location is Wawanakwa, again. 

3. Scott becomes a pain magnet. Lol.

4. The challenges are based on past challenges of the show. 

5. Izzy makes a cameo.

6. Episode 100 (for Ezekiel fans).

7. Alejandro VS Mal.

8. Scottney.

9. Duncan has an identity problem.

10. Ehm...Mr. Coconut! (?)


1. Mal.

2. There's Sam, there isn't Owen. LOGIC

3. There's Sam, Sam is eliminated after 4 episodes. LOGIC

4. Zoey is an idiot in every single episode, except in the final. LOGIC

5. The flert between Alejandro and Gwen is useful like a metal-detector when you're looking for a wood box. LOGIC

6. Episode 100.

7. The interactions between the contestants are too fast.

8. Gwen breaks up with Duncan in the worst way ever. (i'm not a DxG fan).

9. The TDROTI top 3 on the table elimination.

10. The Final Wreck-Ening.

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