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  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on December 20
  • I am Male
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    Ok, way too much people have already done this, but I've never had the opportunity to write down my theories revolving this season. I'll separate this blog in two parts: one part is dedicated to the characters who are actually very likely to return, while the second one will be about the characters I would personally love to see. Don't be surprised if you'll see same contestants in each parts.

    The all VAs fact isn't actually confirming anything, but it made me really suspicious. So, we know that some of the favorite contestants are coming back from the first generation and, based on what I've seen, the contestants who have the biggest chances are:

    1. Lindsay (her VA actress also played as Katie  but the fact that she made an hashtag with "woohoo …

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    Okay, may say "Why should I care about TD fandom in Italy???". You're right, you shouldn't. In fact you can skip this blog or you can read the big amount of stuff that I want to put in now.

    Just to say, it's obvious that in each country there is a different type of "vision" and due to being Italian I just wanted to let you know the vision between Total Drama in my country and Total Drama in this wiki (I don't necessarly mean in America 'cause there are other web sites where people do discuss about TD and not only in this wiki, which is obviously known. On the other hand, when I mean "in Italy" i mean that after seeing and seeing not only the wiki there, but also youtube, other minor sites, blogs, facebook and etcetera etcetera).


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    I think that the title speaks by itself.

    I just can't forgot that...I was in Sicily, in fact I'm half sicilian, and to be specific I was in my grandma's house, extremely bored. But then, while I was zapping from channel to channel, I just found an episode of a show called "Total Drama Island". At the time I thought it was a bland, stupid cartoon of B series, but for a weird reason I watched it. It was "Search and Do Not Destroy" and after 5 minutes (more or less) I was just felt in love with that. It's obvious that after that day I followed the many years passed after that moment.

    And you? Can you remember your first "Total Drama" moment? (What a rhetorical question)

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    My rankings

    October 23, 2016 by Duncan 99 New

    The following are the rankings of Duncan 99 New.

    Really Liked

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    HI guys, i'm back with an interesting blog, at least I hope. We know we are in such a weird situation about the future of Total Drama, but watching a video of an Italian youtuber (Worex) that I pretty much like I ended up in this epic fan art.

    The credit of this goes to MarcelSalek-26.

    You know, this is pretty amazing, Dramatic vs Ridonculous, Total Drama vs Ridonculous Race, Chris vs Don...and would it work? And If, how would it work? It would be a season? Or maybe something more, like... a movie?

    An interesting question which team will stay Owen, Noah, Geoff and Leonard? Cause, we all know, they were contestants of TD but also of RR as well. 

    I wanted to share this with you to hear your opinion and thoughts, while I'm going to explai…

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