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    October 21, 2009 by DuncanCourtneyFanTDI7809

    Hi,sorry about that last post.I just needed to vent.So u know who I am and that I love DxC! So I am home sick today but i'll be back tommorow (yea!) So i have a epic poem that u can comment on,kay? it goes a little like this

                                                                       My Life

    My life is not perfect

    My life is like everyone else's:Normal

    My sister died from cancer

    My mom's a work-a-holic

    My dad's not in the picture

    My nana's old and senile

    "My uncle needs to go back to Idaho" is what my mom always says.

    I guess we all want that right now,for him to pack up and go.

    But he won't

    Cause he loves us too much

    And I guess we love him

    Cause we never tell him

    What Mom says.

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  • DuncanCourtneyFanTDI7809

                                                                               Tuesday,October 20,2009,8:29PM

    Well,today this AWESOME account was created! So today school was hetic,ya know? Okay,so my so called BF, Andrew,is TOTALLY avoiding me and I dunno why! I am just so over him! And whats worse is that we are partners in a English project due tommorow and we have to get up in front of the WHOLE CLASS AND TALK! Normally,I'd be confident because I am so good a public speaking but I just don't know what to do,guys! I'm afraid he'll end it in front of EVERYONE IN MY CLASS AND FREAKIN HUMILIATE ME!!! I have been hurt once and I don't want it to happen again! Sometimes I think God gave me a stupid life so I could become a celebrity cause most cel…

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