Total Drama Dangerzone Official Poster with Complete Cast

(From Left to right) Ria, Marcus McLean, Lola (bottom), Victor, Summer (bottom), London, Nina (bottom), Logan, William, Elliott(bottom), Hill, Beatrice, Sebastian (bottom), Spike, Taylor, Mister Mysterious (Very top under logo), Chef Arthur, Fran (bottom), Kat (bottom), Krystal (Above Kat), Val, Hunter, Zhao Lee, Candi (bottom), Ralph, Desiree, Dixie, Ivy, Dwayne (bottom), and Clyde

So this is my fan-fiction I've been at for about three years now. I finally got the setting and the characters created for it! However I want your opinions on it! I want to know that if this was actually a season, would you watch it? Here's the plot.

30 New contestants. A New Prehistoric Island. A whole New game. 

Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet prepare the "Superstar" season but after the original cast goes awal, they kidnap thirty unlucky fans and they are forced to compete in this season's newest location, Dino-Island, in the most cruelest challenges yet! Prehistoric Creatures, bad weather, and natural disasters are just the few obstacles this new group of teens will have to face in order to fight their way to the finale and win the grand prize of one million dollars!

The contestantsa are;

Chef Arthur – The Wannabe Chef who loves to cook

Clyde – The Money Hungry Reality Show Aggro-Competitor

Dwayne – The Obnoxious Rapper

Elliott – The Ugly Bag-Head

Hill – The Energetic Hillbilly

Hunter – The Cocky Boy Scout who brags all the time

Logan – The Overly-Angry Feminine Guy

Marcus – The Diabolical Nephew of Chris McLean

Mister Mysterious – The Wannabe Super Hero

Ralph – The Annoying Prankster

Sebastian – The Upfront Analyst

Spike – The Big Bad Bullying Biker

Victor – The Failure who fails at everything

William – The Miserable British Butler

Zhao Lee – The Overachieving Martial Artist

Beatrice – The Clean Freak

Candi – The Sugar-Addict

Dixie – The Stiff and Silent Hippie

Desiree – The Mad Scientist

Fran – The Cry Baby

Ivy – The Rebel who Hates Rules

Kat – The Perverted Guy-Obsessed Flirt

Krystal – The Sassy and Dimwitted Brat

Lola – The Huge and Happy Hispanic Health-Freak

London – The Freaking Fanatic Fashion Freak

Nina – The Gossip-Loving Critic

Ria – The Ignored and Awkwardly Shy One

Summer – The Oblivious Musician that loves music

Taylor – The Loopy Ventriloquist

Val – The Paranormal-Obsessed Geek

The story

The story this season is that there are 30 contestants this season and that the season length is 18 episodes. The first 6 episodes focus on introducing the cast and they are split into teams of three. Chris reveals a twist called "Automatic eliminations" where contestants can be eliminated without theire being a vote and can get eliminated if they lose a single challenge for their team, don't partake in the challenge, or even simply not helping their team win a section of the challenge! I already have the script for the first episode "Welcome to the Old Age Part 1" completed and four of them are eliminated in the first episode but they are four contestants that are meant to be eliminated early. The first six episodes eliminate the elimination fodder contestants but in the sixth episode, Chris reveals that all the remaining contestants must go to the secret "Loser-Dome" where they go and watch the contestants they've eliminated compete in a challenge that determines who can return to the game. 3 contestants win the redemption challenge and are back in the game! However in the 7th episode, it turns into teams of 2 and there would be 18 left at this point. It is basically Amazing Race at this point but on the island and they compete in "Duos" the losing team will face a double elimination since the teams consist of two people. Then - in the 13th episode, six episodes go by and it is the merge and 3 more contestants come back from the "Loser-Dome" after another redemption challenge and it is all a fight to end finale from that point with the contestants still facing automatic eliminations at the merge if they come last in a challenge.

The new location, Dino-Island, is based off "Jurassic Park". Imagine if you mixed Survivor and Jurassic Park and threw contestants on Jurassic Park and made it a cartoon? That's what Total Drama Dangerzone is.

The twists this season! The Brand New Game of "TDD"

This season, we are introducing "The Loser-Dome" which is the Redemption Island of Total Drama where ALL eliminated contestants partake in a challenge where a few selected winners get a chance to return to the game in two selected episodes. In episode 6 (which is when it is revealed - and before the Duos begin) and episode 12 (Takes place at the end of the episode after the eliminations).

Another twist is the "Tiki Tokens" where they are wooden dollar bills with Chris' head on them and there are a lot of them spread throughout the island in spots around the camp or even during challenges. If someone finds enough, they can buy either their team, their duo, or themself an advantage in the challenges! For example, at one point, Spike will find three and use them to buy a dart gun for himself in a challenge where they have to survive in the Dino-Island jungles for a night after a merge.

You are probably wondering what I mean by duos. Well! After the first "Loser Dome Challenge", the three contestants who win will return to the game and the three teams that happened at the start disinigrate. Instead of splitting the teams, Chris makes it an "Amazing Race" type season til the merge where everybody is split into teams of two and they will compete in challenges with their duo and if they place last in the challenge, they will be eliminated - or if one person gets voted out, the other falls with them! This only lasts for six episodes though. Then the merge happens in episode 13 after the second "Loser Dome Challenge" when another three voted out contestants return to the game.

The last twist is that the first six episodes focus on the three teams; The Mighty Monkeys, The Slithering Snakes, and the Preying Piranha! They are split into three teams of ten and they face automatic eliminations (which last throughout the season). It is when they come in last in a challenge, don't push their weight enough to help their team win even the first part of a challenge, or simply do something stupid and that contestant is eliminated from the game! This is the part where the "Space-filling" contestants leave. 

The format to this season

Episodes 1-6 - Focus on the three teams and the fear of the automatic eliminations - up til they discover "The Loser Dome" in the sixth episode!

Episodes 7-12 - Focus on the newly formed duos and the struggles everybody has when dealing with the person they are in a duo with. One contestant goes AWAL during a challenge and the other one in his/her duo gets eliminated because of them.

Episodes 13-18 - Focus on the contestants after the merge and realize they are near the end and they need to focus on their end game and need to push their weight for themselves or they could be disqualified from the game if they place last in a challenge. The Loser-Dome isn't used after episode 12. 


This season's main villain is kept secret from the audience til the second to last episode. I'll give you a hint, it is someone who no one would expect to be behind the scenes stirring rouble. Being quiet, awkward, and being cut off by people when you try to talk all the time could be very rough for someone, that's why no one would ever see Ria being the main villain. Other big villains like Marcus, Spike, Ivy, Krystal, and Dwayne are easy people to hide behind and most of them take blame for Ria's secret moves behind the scenes.

It is revealed Chris has an older brother and his brother's son, Marcus, is Chris' newphew. Chris always wanted Marcus on the show. Chris and Marcus have an illegal alliance and Chris pays him under the table to stir trouble for everybody. This lasts almost the whole season til the second or third to final episode. So Marcus is supposed to go far.  Marcus is the cause of Sebastian's elimination (which happens in the first episode) because Sebastian's analytical and nosey attitude got into their illegal alliance and he tried revealing them to everybody but failed. So Marcus sabotaged the votes against him and Sebastian is gone!

Relationships and Conflicts

The relationships I planned out now are a Hill-Kat-William love triangle. Hill likes Kat but she doesn't like him back and doesn't even realize it. Instead, she is beyond obsessed with William and William's accent. William denies her repeatedly and this upsets Hill. Hill and William end up having a William-Hill Conflict because of it.

Ivy and Spike have a conflict turn relationship when they become a duo in the seventh episode. The Ivy-Spike conflict turns into a relationship near the end of the season. Yes, they both last long. Infact, they team up together.

The Marcus-Sebastian conflict lasts only one episode.

There is a London-Team conflict because she can't stand anyone on her team, besides Zhao Lee whom everybody likes.

There is a Beatrice-Chris and Beatrice-Everybody conflict because she hates being on the show because she is a clean freak and the island is too "dirty" and "gross" for her. She ends up quitting in the first episode.

My goal with this

I always thought it would be cool if this became an actual season! How do you think it would do?

My goal is to bring back a "teenage audience" by bring back more uses of the word "sucks", having more (but not that much) nudity, have some funny sexual references, and uses of the word "Hell" or "Damn'. I want to keep the violence rate "Revenge of the Island" had but bring back the "teenage audience" i feel the show has lost.

So here's what I would like. 

Watch my video here:

And please like or comment on the video. I want to see how my idea ranks and then pitch it to Christian Potenza or Tom McGillis over facebook. Of course, I want this to not just  from me but from the fandom has a whole.  Promote our own season and character ideas. If that happens, obviously some things will change but it's an idea I want to get out there.

So who's with me?

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