The Beautiful Cast

So, as seen above - The Ridonculous Race cast! This is by far one of the best casts the creators of Total Drama has ever put together! Great development, great characters, great settings, and a great new host! I have my favorites, my not-so-favorites, and I'm here to talk about everyone. There will be no spoilers as I am talking up to episode 16. Yes, I've seen episode 17 and have a general idea on who the boot is in episode 18 - but I promise I won't say anything more about that.

Moving on...let's discuss Don!

DON: The host of The Ridonculous Race

So I wasn't too sure about Don at first, but after episode 2 - I love him and I would like to get to know more about him. He is nowhere as insane as Chris but still has that edge to him where he likes to watch the drama stir. I also like that, unlike Chris, he even thinks the challenges the producers put together are a little too far but he goes along with it anyway. While he is no Chris, he is a spectacular host. I just wish we knew his last name and maybe a little more on his background. Besides that, I think he's been great so far.

The Best Friends - Devin & Carrie

Devin - reminds me of Trent (except he never shuts up about Shelley). Carrie is pretty bland too but they have both developed recently and I originally couldn't stand them until Junior started to crush on Carrie and Devin got dumped by Shelley and is now going through the different stages. The stages can be interesting...I just wonder what will become of them after he goes through them. I feel like they will make the final 4. Not sure about the finale...but they'll definitely grow closer.

Ice Dancers - Jacques & Josee

Jacques is hilarious and I don't think he insists on being "evil"...Josee is just very competitive, determined, and will drag anyone down to her expense...even if it is Jacques. But he will go along with her. They're great villains for this spinoff and I like that they aren't perfect and have a few flaws. 

Cadets - Sanders & MacArthur

Love them both. Sanders is more level-headed and kind while MacArthur is just nuts, cocky, and in it to win it. They make a great team. My only complaint is turning MacArthur into a "toilet-humor" joke in a few episodes. However, they have great moments and were some of my favorites in the beginning. 

Surfer Dudes - Geoff & Brody

They are my favorites this season. They're obviously party boys and as a college student, they appeal to me and I can relate. I hope they win but I'm not so sure about their chances. Loved having Geoff back without Bridgette. They've had great moments together and are absolutely clueless and hilarious. HOPE THEY WIN!

Goths - Crimson & Ennui

Holy crap they have grown on me. Episode 11 did them a lot of justice and they are still sticking around! I don't think they have any big plot-points left but they are definitely fun characters. Nice to know there is more to them than just the "scary makeup" and "deep voices". They have personality!

Sisters - Emma & Kitty

Yeah, they're alright. Not really rooting for them. Love Emma's relationship with Noah, but it has been kinda rocky. Kitty is nice but I honestly find her to be bland recently. I kinda ship her and Owen so that Noah and Owen get with sisters at the end of the show...that'd be hilarious. Speaking of Owen and Noah...

Reality TV Pros - Noah & Owen

They were fantastic in the begining of the show, but I feel like they are dragging on now. Noah's relationship with Emma is adorable but it is kinda ruining his "sarcastic-gimmiky" remarks. Hope they go a little further and patch things up with the Sisters. Speaking of patching things up...

Daters / Haters - Stephanie & Ryan

I feel for Ryan because I dated someone that is exactly like Stephanie for over a year...and god did she mess with my head afterward. But anyways, I like that they broke up because it made them interesting and not just in the background like they were at the start of the season. However, i feel it has been dragging on for too long. I like Ryan's character but not Stephanie's (for reasons). Hope they go soon tbh.

Father / Son - Dwayne & Junior

Loved them and wish they went further. Unlike most fans, I thought Dwayne's antics were hilarious and they were appealing to me. I can care a less about his "sexist" or "offensive" remarks because it was meant to show his age and I thought it was hilarious that is how he handled it. His conversation with Kelly about their kids was one of my favorite moments with him and Junior was good to have for the younger audiences to relate to. His crush on Carrie was adorable.

Rockers - Rock & Spud

I couldn't stand Spud (although he had some funny one-liners). Like when he was trying to save Rock and said "Your mom said if there is anyone that is going to end up killing you, it's me". That was golden. Rock was great and I liked he had a reason to try and win the money. They annoyed me at first but then Rock grew on me as time went by. Love rock, not so much Spud.

Step-Brothers - Lorenzo & Chet

Their insults were painful to my ears, although they were good characters for the season. I feel like they should have left earlier. To be honest, they annoyed me after they became friends. But after that, they left at the perfect time. I prefer Lorenzo, Chet is okay.

Adversity Twins - Jay & Mickey

Mickey's voice annoyed me. I liked Jay better. I liked them in some episodes but they annoyed me in others. They were kind of a hit-and-miss with me. I thought they would be the first boot at first, but they improved slightly over the course they were in the race.

Mother / Daughter - Kelly & Taylor

At first, I thought they would be major characters. I was wrong. Lol. I liked Kelly but Taylor was a hit-and-miss with me in some episodes. She is such a brat and I was hoping she was going to fall in episode 9 when Kelly was trying to finally punish her. One of my favorite scenes was Kelly and Dwayne talking about their kids and she hit Dwayne for insulting her daughter. Do I think they should return in the future? Nah, there is more deserving teams.

Fashion Bloggers - Tom & Jen

They annoyed me in episode 1, but then they improved. Being based off the creators of the show, I thought they'd go far, but nope! I honestly wouldn't have minded them going a little further. Tom and Jen were fun. They deserve a return or another chance in a different season.

Vegans - Laurie & Miles They surprised me more than anyone this season with their great development. I really hope they return or get another chance in Season 2 or the future or RR. They are definitely in my Top 5 for favorite teams this season.

Geniuses - Mary & Ellody

Both were really boring to me. i thought they'd go far at first but their elimination really threw me off. We really didn't get to learn a lot about them as Mary only spoke in 1 episode. They really didn't get much focus...even in their eliminaiton episode. I'm okay with that as they really didn't bring anything to the table. They are one of my least favorite teams to be honest...unlike...

Tennis Rivals - Gerry & Pete

Loved them! I was so mad when they were eliminated second. As the oldest pair, I understand why they left early, but they were really funny and I enjoyed their jabs at one another and making fun of their own age. Hope they get a second chance in Season 2 or a future RR season. Definitely in my Top favorites.

LARPers - Leonard & Tammy

Bahahahahahaha Leonard is so entertaining. He sucks at everything XD that's why i love him. Too bad he was the first boot. Both had potential and their attempts at alliances were funny. Again, I'm fine with him being the first boot beause it just comes to show how pathetic he is...but he is an entertaining fodder character. Tammy too. Maybe we'll see them again? 


Here are my rankings so far for the season:

18. Geniuses (Didn't really care for them)

17. Adversity Twins (Mickey's voice annoys me)

16. Sisters (Don't really care for them tbh)

15. Step-Brothers (Became annoying after becoming friendly with each other)

14. Fashion Bloggers (Annoyed me in first episode, but did grow on me)

13. Daters / Haters (I like Ryan but not stephanie)

12. Rockers (Listening to Spud talk gave me a headache joke)

11. Mother / Daughter (Taylor is such a brat, Kelly is the real MVP for dealing with her)

10. LARPers (Loved them but left too early, teams ahead of them on list are more deserving of higher rank)

9. Best friends (Were bland at first, but are improving and high on my list now)

8. Cadets (MacArthur's fart jokes downgraded them a little)

7. Reality TV Pros (Love them both, but they're starting to drag on at this point...even Noah)

6. Ice Dancers (Make great Antagonists, just not my favorite)

5. Tennis Rivals (Didn't last long enough, but made my top 5. They're both hilarious)

4. Father / Son (They made a perfect team, wish they lasted longer)

3. Vegans (My favorite All-Girls team, both had so much potential...and had more to them than just their stereotype)

2. Goths (Like the Vegans, they had more to them than just their stereotype, and are great characters)

1. Surfer Dudes - Geoff & Brody (Love them. I honestly hope they win as they are still in the competition)

Season 2 Ideas

Now...if there were to be a season 2...if there is 1 Total Drama contestant that I want to is Max. Imagine him going around the world trying to "spread evil" with a new partner...there are a lot of possibilities with him believe it or not. I know they can't bring a lot of contestants back (they might stick with 4 for all we know) but I'd also like to see Katie and Sadie return as well. And a "Revenge of the Island" contestant...maybe Anne Maria or Dawn.

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