Ridonculous Racr Cast from Episode One

The Cast!

Well, it's finally here....kind of. Thanks to some impatient a** who decided to hack Fresh TV - Cake Entertainment - or whichever one it was. I've watched the episode several times now and am very pleased with most of it so far. I gotta say, Geoff's inclusion threw me off! Leonard seemed to be strongly hinted to appear soon since he was mentioned quite a bit after him elimination in Pahkitew Island, so I kinda saw it coming. Noah and Owen were obvious to me - and everyone else on this wiki. But this cast looks amazing! Well, here's Episode 1 Review

  • SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk, if you don't want spoiled, then why even read my review?*

So, it seems to me theres been a pattern recently with Total Drama and this new spinoff possibly as well. The very first revealed contestants tend to have the biggest role in the season - if not reach the finale or Final 5. 

In All-Stars, Mike and Zoey were the first to be thrown out of the chopper - they were the finalists.

In Pahkitew Island, Sky was the very first contestant shown....she was a finalist.

Now...The Ridonculous Race! It was Devin and Carrie - who were the first revealed before the episode was even leaked and first shown duo in the first episode....Could they be finalists? I have no doubt they'll make it far, but I don't want them to be finalists. Speaking of the contestants...let's move onto what I think about them. I will be going in order of introduction in the episode.

1. The Best Friends: Carrie & Devin

Carrie sounds to much like Bridgette and everytime I hear her attempting to flirt with Devin - it makes it awkward for me to listen because Geoff is present on this show. But she seems alright, kinda bland so far. Same with Devin - who is really just the "good looking guy friend". Although, I see them taking a different route than Mike and Zoey, or Dave and Sky...thankfully. What they have going on could get more interesting, and I feel like it will.

2. Mother & Daughter: Kelly & Taylor

I like them! Taylor is a little brat who reminds me of Heather and Heather was my favorite thing about the first 3 seasons of Total Drama! Then Kelly, her mom, seems like a motherly version of Lindsay and I love it! And just saying, Kelly ain't bad for a cartoon mom ;) I wish they had more screentime but I think they will be major characters in the show and will go far.

3. The Sisters: Emma & Kitty

I often get them mixed up. But I'm glad they don't look too alike. Emma IS the older one studying international law (so she's college-level age) she seems to have her head in the game and reminds me of a better-version of Sky. However, Kitty (her younger sister) is in it for fun and boys (which will probably hold them back). They didn't get enough screentime (I mean...there's 37 people to squeeze into a single episode) but it'll be interesting to see how the play out. I predict they will go mid-way.

4. The Goths: Crimson & Ennui

So...I hope they aren't quiet the entire time! I'm worried about these 2 because they have potential, but if they are both silent - then just like every other quiet person that's been on the show, they will be early boots. I predict they will go early unfortunately. They barely got screentime as well. *sigh* Oh by the way...they are teens as Don mentioned in their introduction.

5. Reality Show Pros: OWEN & NOAH!!!

Owen is back...writer's pet. They will go farrrrr in the competition - which is good this time around because we get more Noah too! I get why Owen is back, he's like Fresh TV's mascot - and everybody loves Noah, so this will please the fanbase. But yeah, I predict Final 5 for them.

6. The Adversity Twins: Jay & Mickey

Mickey Mouse? Nah, just a Cameron 2.0 clone - 2 of them actually! They kinda irritate me, I can't stand wimpy characters...although I feel they'll stick around for a while so they can get the "Cameron from ROTI Development". I mean, they are just 2 of Cameron's original design. I hope they are more interesting - it's weird to be seeing another set of twins after Amy and Samey. Are they running out of ideas? Also, why on God's earth does Mickey have that crap around his head? Pathetic.

7. The Daters: Stephanie & Ryan

Ryan is the tallest guy this season. I like him, but I want to see more of him. Stephanie is okay. I just think we haven't seen enough of them - they have already made out and its just the first episode. I predict they will actually be early boots, they'll get in a fight and they'll get eliminated. Also they mentioned wanting to try chocolate in China - I think that will be the episode they are eliminated, as this show loves to foreshadow.

8. The Icedancers: Jacques & Josee

Love them and their accents. Great designs And they were the first ones to complete the challenge and the team / people that ususally won the first challenge in the first episode of Total Drama went far in the competition. Based off that statistic and they fact they had a lot of screentime may hint that they will go far, and I believe they will. They are some of my top favorites so far.

9. Surfer Dudes: Geoff & Brody

Geoff! This was a huge surprise since after Bridgette was deconfirmed to compete - I thought he was out, but boy was I wrong. He's back to his normal TDI self and he's got his partying bro too who seems cool! Unfortunately, I see them being cut in mid-season. I think they will visit Australia, and run into Bridgette - and that's when they get slowed down and drop out of the race. It just sucks because I don't see any Total Drama contestants making it to the finale so we may never see Geoff win. "Bummer dude..."

10. Father & Son: Dwayne & Junior

A classic old basic-dad and his young son. Love this duo! They're interesting and I see a lot of plot developing for them in the future of the show! I can see Dwayne trying to get his son's respect and make him see that he is more than just a father and can be cool - although his attempts fail, he succeeds in the end - then either win or get eliminated when it happens. Either way, I do see them going far.

11. Police Cadets: Sanders & MacArthur

They got a decent amount of screentime! I like Sanders, but I think MacArthur is a parody of Mellisa McCarthy. They are officers of the law and MacArthur seems to be edgier than her fellow cadet. MacArthur seems to be tougher and may have to drag them along the way. I can see them being mid-season boots but will not go too far. I don't know how I feel about them so far..I want to see more of Sanders.

12. Stepbrothers: Lorenzo & Chet

Chet is the bigger guy and Lorenzo is the tanner one. LOVE THEM! Being friends with 2 guys that are stepbrothers and hate eachother...makes me love these 2! I hope they last longer than I hope though, I can see them being early boots - but they could also grow to become closer and help eachother along the way instead of fighting. But since when did characters get that well of development in Total Drama since World Tour? This is a new series, but I am hoping characters get better development this time around.

13.  Fashion Bloggers: Tom & Jen

They annoy me. I'm not too big a fan of their designs either. I feel like they WILL be early boots. I think if they interacted more with other people, they could make things get a little interesting. But I see them going in the first 3 to 6 episodes. 

14. The Rockers: Rock & Spud

WAYNE'S WORLD! WAYNE'S WORLD! Love them! But...does Spud even talk? Wouldn't bother me if he didn't because Rock is funny in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don't see them really getting any development and just being fodders and early boots. 

15. The Vegans...(Hippies): Laurie & Miles

Miles, another non-speaker. Laurie did the talking this episode...although, they both seem bland and just slightly more giddy versions of Dawn or Ella. They're okay. I think they will be early boots though. I just hope Miles actually speaks. 

16. The Geniuses: Mary & Ellody

Ellody sounds WAY too much like Courtney - but I like her design. Mary just looks like Harold in drag...Lol. They seem boring and could be early boots - BUT i have a feeling they will get a lot of development in the future and will become more important. Mary is another non-talker...hopefully she says something and isn't just Harold in drag actuing like a non-evil Scarlette. I think they will go mid-way.

17. The LARPERS: Leonard & Tammy

Oh Leonard....I love your stupid a**. And he's got a lady friend this time around XD

Tammy looks a LOT like Sugar....Staci....Sadie....whatever. But, she needs to speak. I feel like she could be an interesting female Larper. and then Leonard...loved his interaction with Owen! Made me laugh. Unfortunately, I see Leonard being the TD Contestant that goes early and before anyone else. I think he will go early, Geoff will go mid-way, then Owen and Noah at the end. It's just how I see it going. Which sucks cause I am....a Leonard fan. Ah well....

and finally, the best for last -

18. Tennis Rivals: Gerry & Pete

LOVE THEM! My favorite and Top pick to win it! I think they will be the punching bags for this season after Noah, Jay, and Mickey. They're absolutely hilarious and I love how they try to sabotage eachother. If they are early boots, I will be p***ed. But, for being the oldest dudes on the show, I feel like they might be kept around for a little bit - definitely not the first boot - but if they are...oh boy will I be mad.

First off, Pete looks like Chris. I know. But I like to think of it as more a throwback to Total Drama than a Chris rip-off. They're both just great and the perfect adult contestants this show needs. #TEAMTENNISPALS

Elimination Prediction:

18. Fashion Bloggers: Tom & Jen

17. Rockers: Rock & Spud

16. Larpers: Leonard & Tammy

15. Goths:Crimson & Ennui

14. Vegans: Laurie & Miles

13. Stepbrothers: Chet & Lorenzo

12. Daters: Stephanie & Ryan

11. Sisters: Emma & Kitty

10. Geniuses: Mary & Ellody

9. Surfer Dudes: Geoff & Brody

8. Police Cadets: Sanders & MacArthur

7. Tennis Rivals: Gerry & Pete

6. Adversity Twins: Jay & Mickey

5. Reality TV Pros: Owen & Noah

4. Father and son: Dwayne & Junior

3. Mother and daughter: Kelly & Taylor

2. Best Friends: Carrie & Devin

1. Icedancers: Jacques & Josee

Oh, and this episode was good! I'd give it a 7/10. It felt a little too fast-paced and not everyone talked. But I already did find myself picking up on a few things and I already have my pick to win. So, that is my review on everyone and the episode! 

I just noticed something: Wasn't Brian Froud supposed to be voicing someone in the Spinoff? Because his name is NOT in the credits when the voices are listed....

There are 37 characters total (Don included) but only 25 Voice Actors...its possible that the contestants who  did not talk in this episode will not talk at all....

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