Okay guys, according to Brian Froud from his youtube page, he said this "I've just received some great news that I can't reveal until May. Let the speculation begin!"

Could that news possibly be a 5th season starting production? But here is something to back it up that I found in the talk bar located on the left on Todd Kaufman's blog page linked from the TDIBlog. Here's how a conversation went:

Chris: Hey Kauf do u think Gwen and Trent have a chance to be couple again in the fifth season of total drama?kauf: there is no 5th seasonDennis: Then what of the original contestants? They're gonna live, right? RIGHT?Chris: WHAT?!?! There's no season 5?!kauf: live? ummm, sure. Is Todd just messing around or is he serious? I can never tell. But what about this video that tells about a 5th season? guy says that there will be 13 old contestants and the 13 new contestants in TD5. Also he does give out some legit information that could be true. he did say that characters will be making cameos before Todd Kaufman confirmed it himself, and the VA's to Duncan and Heather were at the recording studio during TDR, and Duncan IS confirmed to make an appearance. So the video could be true. Although, I hope Todd is just fooling around, but you never know what could happen. Now, lets discuss!

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