So with a new season in production and its been stated that there will be another batch of new contestants, what do you think these new contestants will be like? How many of them do you think there will be? What purpose will they serve in the Total Drama Franchise? What will their personalities be like? I have a lot of ideas, but I would also like to hear all of your ideas on what the new cast/contestants/characters will be like.

Here are my ideas:

It will take place on the island again. There will be 13 new contestants. This time its 7 girls and 6 guys (reverse to TDRI). There will be 2 teams and they will be "Killer Bass" and "Screaming Gophers" so it can be a throwback to season 1 (which TDRI tried to do but failed because of the toxic waste theme).

There isn't as big a variety of new personalities to use now since a lot were used but I came up with 13 fresh ideas. They are:

“The Clean-Freak” [Girl] - Beatrice [She has Obsessive Cleaning Disorder and is strict]

“The superhero-wannabe” [Guy] – Mister Mysterious "Bob" [Is the protagonist and thinks hes a superhero]

“The energetic hillbilly” [Guy] - Hill [Is a good guy and is very energetic and is dumb but always happy]

“The Nice but cocky boy scout” [Guy] - Roberto [A short and stubby boyscout who thinks hes one with the wilderness]

“The Tough Biker Gang Member” [Guy] - Scar [A huge ripped guy who is in a motorcycle gang is isn't well-educated and is rather mean and wears sunglasses and is bald]

“The Paranormal-Obsessed Geek” [Guy] - Brad [Based off the guys from Ghost Hunters but is scrawny and pale]

“The Diabolical Nerd” [Guy] - Ivan [The stereotypical cartoon villain who is PURE EVIL and brilliant]

“The Hungry Hippie” [Girl] - Devon [A stoner and is random and doesn't make sense half the time]

“The bratty ex-actress” [Girl] - Krystal [A brat. She is infamous and thinks she is better than everyone despite the fact she has a bad temper]

“The immature slob” [Girl] - Polly [A chubby girl who is immature and annoys everyone at first

“The awkward one” [Girl] - Tara [Shes shy but friendly. Doesn't say much but when she does, someone cuts her off]

“The Guy-obsessed Flirt” [Girl] - Cat [Her life revolves around guys. All she thinks about is guys. She is a flirt but she isn't exactly attractive and has a huge crush on Brad]

“The Musical Music-Lover” – [Girl] – Summer [She is always listening to her MP3 and loves to sing instead of talk. It gets on peoples' nerves but she is in love with music]

What are your ideas?

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