Ok, in every episode, Noah seems to have an epically awesome quote that's only one line, but hilariously funny. I'm gonna be updating this blog when each new episode premieres, and adding new golden Noah quotes.

Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 1: "Come fly with us, Come DIE with us"

Walk Like An Egytian, Part 2: "Ooooh. Stalker-licious."

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan: "Seriously?! I mean, seriously?!"

Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better: "No, you're miming"

Broadway Baby!: "Finally! Thanks for not noticing that I was missing all night! What am I, Tyler?!"

Slap Slap Revolution: "Haha, Cody has a tiny sausage!"

The Am-AH-zon Race: "Sure! All we're missing is chips, beef, tomatoes, cheese, salsa..."

Can't Help Falling in Lourve: "Happy? Because your girlfriend is a complete and total nutjob? And I'm not talking tiny peanuts. That girl is a Brazil nut sized nutjob."

Newf Kids On the Rock: "No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show!"

Jamaica Me Sweat: "I don't know, did we land in the 70's?"

I See London: "He's like Heather, only with social skills"

Aftermath Aftermayhem: (in a high-pitched voice) "Owww!" (I don't know if he has any other actual lines in this episode)

If you have a better idea of a prized quote instead of the one's that I've chosen, then make a suggestion.

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