Ok, so I still can't get this DxCxG drama out of my head, so I need to air out a little. This is all based off of my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm going to explain why I think that Duncan and Gwen were ruined in TDWT. (Also a DxG rant)

Remember DxC? Sure Courtney needs to get a grip, but there was something else. Courtney brought out Duncan's good side. Sure, they fought a lot, but Duncan showed signs of softness when he was around her. Remember when he carved that skull for her? Remember how much he used to talk about her? He even said he loved her. Courtney was also the first one to find out about his softer side. Duncan did have a soft side. It was rarely seen, but it was obvious that he had a heart underneath it all. But then TDWT happened, and he turned into a jack***.

First of all, he cheated on Courtney, which is a no-brainer. Duh. But he also treated Courtney horribly too. It's like he lost all his heart and was now as cold as ice. But why? Why would he just... change? Out of no where? Well, I'm not for certain, but there is some speculation. What's the precursor of all this? Gwen. Perhaps it was her who turned him into a jerk. If it wasn't for her, Duncan wouldn't have cheated. And personally, I don't think he cares about her much at all. Seriously, what did he do for her that was that special? He destroyed her and Courtney's friendship (and he knew they were friends because they captured him together). Psst. Here's the big secret: He left the door to the confessional wide open! Do you really think that if he wanted to keep a secret then he would've shut the door? Or is he just that stupid? I think he just didn't give a crap if anyone found out. He should know that Courtney would find out sooner or later. Didn't he think that Courtney would make Gwen's life miserable? He dated Courtney! He should know her personality by now. Plus remember Picnic at Hanging Dork? He "fake cried" right in front of Gwen. That showed that he cared more about manipulating Courtney than Gwen. What a jerk. So I honestly don't understand why some people say Duncan loves Gwen more than he did Courtney. Where's the proof?

Now lets move on to Gwen. At first, in TDI, she was a loner and had a hostile attitude towards others. But when she met Trent, that all changed. By the end of the first season, she had many friends and was actually nice and friendly and most of all... happy. That's the Gwen I knew and loved. She beat that goth stereotype. She was a friendly goth, and just plain awesome. That's how I'll always remember her.

Now in TDWT, I'm very disappointed in her. She never tries to apologize to former friend Courtney once. Her best friend on the show at the time-- she can't even apologize to. The only reason she even felt sorry is because she feared being voted out. Selfish much? All she really cared about was saving her butt and Duncan's. The worst part is, that's not Gwen at all! Gwen was someone with values and was big into karma. In TDA, she decided to pay her dues so that others would forgive her. Meanwhile in TDWT, she doesn't try at all. It's like she only cared about herself! Not only that, but she was letting Duncan get away with cheating. Cheating? Remember Search and Do Not Destroy anyone? I sure do. You'd think that after that experience, Gwen would know how Courtney felt at least.

That's why I think that Duncan and Gwen were ruined in TDWT. This is also why I don't like the DxG couple. I feel that the relationship ruins the two characters. I don't need to offend anyone, it is just my opinion. Who else thinks that Duncan and Gwen went downhill this season?

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