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Ok, so I just purchased the aftermath on iTunes. Bridgette and Geoff make up and make out, duh! Blainley quits the show because she's fed up with the fact that there's no drama between Geoff and Bridgette. Trent and Justin are not performing a song about the ousted contestants like we thought they were, much to my disappointment. The ousted contestants themselves have to sing a song, though. Bridgette has an epic singing solo! Harold reunites the Drama Brothers and sings a song dedicated to Leshawna, which explains the big picture of her in the background in the promo. This episode is officially the 6th episode of TDWT which makes "Slap Slap Revolution" the 7th. One question: What about the picture from the teletoon promo with Harold, Bridgette, and Leshawna dancing? Leshawna hasn't gotten voted out yet, so maybe it's the next aftermath perhaps?

I gave up on trying to upload, and someone beat me to it. I did not upload these, but here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


This is the picture that I'm talking about. Not the best quality, though

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