Okay, the thing that’s been on my mind the most is what will become of CxD and GxT in season 3? I mean, Total Drama wouldn't be Total Drama without them. I have many different theories of what might happen and I think they all seem possible.

This blog is similar to Jam7’s love triangle blog.

First, I’m going to put down my ideas for 4 individual characters: Gwen, Duncan, Trent, and Courtney. Then I will come up with just a few different scenarios of what might possibly happen.

=Possibilities of each character: =


Whether Trent has moved on from Gwen is unknown. He perhaps still likes her and wants to win her back or he has moved on completely. Here’s some possibilities of what might happen to him on TDWT:

  • Him and Geoff (and maybe the other non-returnees) stalk the rest of the competitors because they:
    • They miss their respective partners,
    • They feel jealous of their respective partners (GwenxDuncan and AlejandroxBridgette), or
    • They just feel left out and want to be famous.

  • Trent gets brought back later in the competition by complaints from fans or for other unknown reasons.

  • Whenever a contestant gets voted off, he performs a song about that contestant. (along with Justin and Sasquatchanakwa.)

  • Trent (along with another non-returnee) is the host of the new tdwt aftermath.


We don’t really know if Gwen actually likes Duncan or not, it could go both ways. So here are some possiblites:

  • Gwen only likes Duncan as a friend and still secretly still likes and misses Trent.
    • It may now be her turn to win Trent back. Kind of like the finale of tdi only the other way around.
    • She misses Trent and it is mutual between both of them.

  • Gwen doesn’t like Duncan but also no longer likes Trent either.

  • Gwen no longer shows signs of attraction to anyone anymore. Then Heather steals her diary again and reveals that Gwen has feelings for either Trent or Duncan.

  • Gwen starts to go for Duncan but then remembers Trent and then has to make a hard decision between the two of them.
    • She may make this decision with or without hooking up with Duncan.

  • Gwen does hook up with Duncan, but then they both soon realize that they belong with Trent and Courtney respectively.

  • Gwen hooks up with Duncan and likes her relationship with him. She then has to be convinced that Duncan is Courtney’s man by someone else like Courtney, Trent, or maybe even Duncan himself.

  • Gwen starts to like Duncan, but he tells her that he only sees her as a friend and rejects her.

  • Every girl in the competition starts to fawn over Alejandro except Gwen (and probably Sierra too) because she has someone else on her mind (maybe Duncan, but hopefully it's Trent).

  • Perhaps for some odd reason she pretends to like Duncan just because she wants to hide the fact that she still likes Trent.


  • The most obvious idea that he likes Courtney and not Gwen.

  • Begins to like Gwen after he realizes their common interests, they hook up, but then realizes Gwen is just not the same as Courtney is to him.

  • There is also the highly-suspected idea that Duncan will be voted off early, which would prevent DxG from happening and DxC developing any further at the time.

  • Duncan is voted off early, but is brought back later in the competition.


  • She is obviously jealous of Gwen and Duncan, but then starts to get along with Gwen after she finds out that Gwen and Duncan truly are just friends.

  • Gets extremely jealous of Gwen and Duncan’s relationship and tries to break them up.

  • Her jealously makes her “pretend” that she is dating Trent in order to make both Gwen and Duncan jealous.

    • She may only say that she’s dating Trent since he’s not actually there.

    • Trent somehow returns and then him and Courtney pretend to date.

==Here are some example scenarios: ==

Example 1:

With her friends Bridgette and Lindsay complaining about Geoff and Beth not being there respectively, and Courtney’s constant annoyance of calling her a “boyfriend stealer”, Gwen will just have to admit that she truly does not like Duncan and still likes Trent and maybe even misses him.

Example 2:

Geoff believes that Bridgette has feelings for Alejandro (along with Gwen and Duncan) cause jealously with Geoff and Trent, who stalk the cast and eventually catch up with them. Afterward they will try to win Gwen and Bridgette back.

Example 3:

Gwen and Duncan may hook up or may not. But Courtney becomes very jealous either way. She then pretends that she was in touch with Trent and they were going out. Gwen and Duncan get jealous and everyone ultimately decides to go back to their original crushes.

Example 4:

This is just plain and simple. Gwen and Duncan hook up and then Gwen realizes she belongs with Trent and same goes with Duncan and Courtney.

Example 5:

Trent returns, but him and Gwen try to ignore each other. Eventually, they give in and try to hook up again.

Possibilities of how it will end:

  • When Gwen is eventually voted off, her and Trent hook up on either the aftermath.

  • When Gwen is voted off, Trent has to perform a song about her and sings about his feelings for her. The song really touches her, and they get back together.

  • Trent returns to the competition and Gwen tries to win him back much like how Trent did in “The Last Episode, Really”.

  • Trent returns and both still have mutual feelings and get back together.

  • Duncan and Courtney, of coarse, remain together. There are no other possibilities with these two.

This, of coarse, is just me speculating. I’m just throwing some ideas out there. There are so many variables and different things that could end up happening.

I could literally come up with about 100 different scenarios of what might happen. Anyway, this is why I can’t wait for TDWT, so I can see if any of my theories were close. Comment please. :-)

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