Now, I realize it is probably stupid to put TDA here, but there are a few crazies/Duncan fans out there (though I consider them the same thing JK... or am I? ). I want to find out which season is the most popular... I realize TDA will be in dead last, but I HAVE to put it. Total Drama Island and World Tour were both WIN, but which was better?

Total Drama Island -

Good things: Almost every episode was elimination; jokes; good development; classic; Ezekiel wasn't cuckoo; every contestant (save for Al and Sierra) competed.

Bad things: No Sierra.

Total Drama Action -

Good things: Uh.. I liked... the... uh, scene when... then guy, uh, did the, uh thing!

Bad things: How much time do you think I have? I can't type for that long!

Total Drama World Tour -

Good things: Jokes; drama; Sierra; Heather winning; Sierra; epic songs; epic challenges; good development; Sierra; Sierra; Noah's lines; Sierra; oh, and Sierra.

Bad things: Cody in general, the ending (not the Heather winning part), DxG, Geoff not competing, Cody in general, and Cody in general, Alejandro, and Cody in general.

So vote, and comment, or DougSmith will hunt you down!

What season was the best?

The poll was created at 21:52 on December 15, 2010, and so far 43 people voted.

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