Okay, Courtney. She's one of my favorite characters. In the first season, Courtney is totally annoying with her CIT status, but with Duncan, she becomes nicer and funny. I totally hate Harold for getting her eliminated! When she's brought back for season 2 as the psycho, I was sad because I had hoped she'd come back as nicer. But yay for season 3! But I know that she's going to be backstabbed by Gwen and Duncan, who KISS!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! And I feel so bad for her! Gwen should be kicked off for doing that to Courtney! I know they don't like each other, but it's kind of like the whole Trent-Gwen-Heather thing in TDI! I always thought Gwen was such a nice person! I know that later Courtney'll be kicked off and Duncan, who I used to totally love, is going to become such an crap monster!!

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