First of all, the writers eliminated the good characters In the beginning, like Lindsay.Secondly, the supposedly GOOD new writers had a chance of making the old and new cast interact but mostly just created Scourtney which is unknown if they're still dating or not. Thirdly, the Gwuncan scene broke my heart, I mean how is it that Duncan was avoiding Courtney in TDWT but suddenly is trying to make her jealous? They should've at least stayed friends since Gwen totally hated his guts. Oh and Courtney and Gwen really acted like Sadie and Katie. Don't say that they didn't have friends. Exhausted they did! Gwen had Leshawna and Bridgette while Courtney had Bridgette. Duncan was the worst to be honest, what happened to the juvenile delinquent in TDI? Sierra and Cameron? Seriously? And what was up with the last episode, did the other characters die flying away? Oh and Duncan being sent to prison? Cheap elimination. Gwen and Cameron's moments? I think I nearly barfed. Besides that this season sucked. No drama honestly and it felt as if the whole episode was based on the challenges. Main idea: Get the old writers back because the new ones shouldn't even be called writers! I don't care if they're doing the best because the episodes seem pretty lazy written! R.I.P old TD.

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