Major Changes: no gwuncan, no gwourtney, Courtney and Duncan get back together. And a few minor changes.

1. Eliminated: Lindsy

Why: unchanged

2. Eliminated: Heather

Why: Jo relized how long heather got in other TD seasons so she made an alliance to vote her off.


3. Eliminated: Lightning

Why: his obsession with himself got in the way of the challenge so they voted him off.

4. Eliminated: Zoey

Why: Cam relized how Zoey is getting in the way of Mike, so Cam and Sierra (and Mal) voted her off.


5. Swapped: Gwen and Courtney

Why: Gwen wanted to go from the vultures because she thought Jo was annoying.

6. Eliminated: Scott

Why: He saw that Courtney and Duncan smooching, so he was depressed and didn't try in the challenge.


7. Eliminated: Sam

Why: Duncan blew up Chrises cottage/mansion and blamed it on Sam because you was playing his new game: 'explode everything 2'.

8. Eliminated: Mal/Mike

Why: Alejandro made mike/Mal fall and land on his head, causing him (and other personalities not Mal)to take control again, making Mal disappear, because Mike misses Zoey, so he votes himself out.

9. Eliminated: Gwen

Why: instead of Courtney, Gwen got the bird puke ice cream.

10. Eliminated: Duncan and Alejandro

Why: instead of finding the diamond ,Duncan stalked Courtney and Alejandro was chosen by Sierra to take the flush.

11. Winner :Sierra/Courtney

Why: in Courtney's version Duncan pushed Sierra into the lava, in Sierra's version Courtney is sick of Duncan stalking her, so she brakes up with him and pushes him into the lava. Helpers: C:Duncan and Sam(useless) S: Gwen (fell of wall and broke ankle) and Mike (depressed)

So do you like my version of all stars?

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