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    All stars (my way)

    February 11, 2014 by DonutsWeirdBunnys

    Major Changes: no gwuncan, no gwourtney, Courtney and Duncan get back together. And a few minor changes.

    1. Eliminated: Lindsy

    Why: unchanged

    2. Eliminated: Heather

    Why: Jo relized how long heather got in other TD seasons so she made an alliance to vote her off.


    3. Eliminated: Lightning

    Why: his obsession with himself got in the way of the challenge so they voted him off.

    4. Eliminated: Zoey

    Why: Cam relized how Zoey is getting in the way of Mike, so Cam and Sierra (and Mal) voted her off.


    5. Swapped: Gwen and Courtney

    Why: Gwen wanted to go from the vultures because she thought Jo was annoying.

    6. Eliminated: Scott

    Why: He saw that Courtney and Duncan smooching, so he was depressed and didn't try in the challenge.

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