Before I start watching Total Drama I thought it was stupid animation and not worth looking at it. I actually started to watching a bit forced: No large selection of channels that I can watch cartoons: Late in the afternoon, when I there is nothing to do except watch TV, but on Disney Channel - nothing of interest, and on Cartoon Network aired Total Drama (TD). Nothing, I so thought that TD disgusting show but I decided to watch. While not watched carefully, and only occasionally throwing a glance () I got interested and started to follow TD. Not time when broadcast first season (I started watching TD thereof). radiated second season - Complete Drama  Actoion (TDA) (final episodes). As I recall (then I not known characters) remained in the show Courtney, Beth, Duncan, Harold, Olwen and Heather (I think ). My first favorite became Beth, but Duncan little I liked in the Final episode. My favorite episode of this season is the penultimate - in which the participants domesticated animals (or something similar) - It was funny when Courtney fights with the shark. But and the first part of the final episode was not bad - - Duncan was so fun and learned that Beth is gossip (). 

Later I learned about the third season - Total Drama World Tour (TDWT). Because I knew that Beth would not participate, I thought I not like this season and I will not find new favorite. Well, but the opposite happened: This season completely changed my idea of ​​TD. Almost I forgot Beth, but I had three favorites characters – Cody, Noah and Ezikiel (Zeke). I was pissed that Zeke  was expelled the first episode, but  I like how he back  . Later in the season Gwen also I liked (but not so much as Cody). If I left to explain why I liked Cody I will not get the place  . I was very angry when  Noah was expelled , but Cody reached  almost to the finish. It was bad that they were in different teams - I did not know which team I want to win. Sierra maybe some I liked when she  helped Cody so much - albeit sometimes in her tries to help him she nearly killed him. Enough about my favorites characters from TDWT: It is time for the worst character this season – Alejandro. He's just terrible: He thinks he's very handsome, but actually sucks! So here's what I mean: He make me sick  ! After Cody losing the duel with him, I wanted Heather to win (little bad: I usually don't like her). But I think none of them won: Unexpected visit Monster Ezekiel make a huge turnaround in the season. When the volcano erupted happened two of my favorite moments in TD: When the lava "mine" across Alejandro and "robotized" his body and when Zeke Monster dipped Chris's boat. I think that Zeke won TDWT. I forgot to mention something for some of other characters: For Izey: As soon as saw her I knew she was crazy. She is realy funny sometime. And Lindsay made me laugh so much: She's so dumb he does not remember and her boyfriend. Oh, my God!

After this season is over I learned that Cartoon Network makes marathon of the first three seasons of Total Drama. I watched the first season - Total  Drama Island. I can not say anything about this, but it was pretty interesting. 

Here it comes time for a season that will write a lot - Total Drama: The Revenge of the Island. I realized that this season will be completely new participants. I was in shock: I can't find my favorites and that this season will be very boring. But again I was wrong: This season is super! At first I only liked Mike, but forgot his name at the beginning and I thought he is Michael ().After 2 and 3 episode I remember his name. However, he was not only my favorite character from the season -  Down, Zoey and Cameron also liked me. I noticed that in this season appear unless one of my favorite character and my favorite pair, and most hated by me hero – Scott (sorry if someone who reading this is a fan)! He is terrible - more terrible than Alejandro! Maybe I'll forgive him for evict Down, but you'll never get away for Mike! I So hate him I would gladly kill him! Constantly hoping that mutated shark that was chasing him throughout the season to eat him! But most of all I hate it when He used the love of Mike to  Zoey and his secret (for bifurcation of personality), Although I am slightly mad of Cameron (which Mike entrust this secret to help him), that told Scott, but I know how disgusting Scott and how he scams him to say it. This was just so foully, I have no words! Well, I found out that Cameron can not keep a secret. It was one of the worst things Scott did. Maybe I glad that Zoey and Cameron expelled him a little later after he drove out Mike. When the final remained Lightning and Cameron, I thought this is the end and that Cameron is a loser. Maybe not only me surprise me that he won. I want to mention something about the Brick that I had to write earlier: In that episode when participants had to seek the "Gold Chris" in the toxic Mian, Brick helped of Mike Cameron Zoli, although they were from the other team. This time though he had tickets Brick for the "catapult", but made me change my mind about him: Maybe He is not tedious as I believe for him. I want to say something about Jo: - Although she is little evil sometimes I like she very much. Here's a fun thing that shows how big the brain of Lightning: He never knew that Joe was a girl. I will say a little something for Down: I think she a little like me (for personality), but not much. I hate the trick which make Scott of she (with the  statuette for inviolability). I wish she was able to warn the team about what makes Scott. I want to kill him! Mostly because for Mike, but he and Down were not the only, which he make nasty numbers. Stop here for this season, it happened much. 

For Total Drama All Stars (TDAS) I have to say: I watched only the first and second episode, but it will comment: Was so funny! Oh, I have favorite so much moments in these two episodes: When in the first episode and the contestants and  come to the island, The Cook them  pushing the of the plane - it was just realy funny, especially when Sierra finally jumped. More - realized that Scott has a huge phobia of sharks. Hehehe! I want to send him a few after him. The second episode is really quite funny (at least for me): One of the coolest is the one which I call "Fight with shovels": When the cook threw shovels in team-won the previous game as the prize-assistance for this and one of them hit Scott. Hehehe! This is for this badass - only suffering. But one shovel not enough - whole truck will on him is little! Also I liked when The Lightning took two shovels and he thought to keep them, but Courtney was left without a spade and took one and hit him. Strange and funny at the same time was when Kamrran ,,incorporating" "digger machine" of Mike - Manitoba. I die of laughter. 

My favourite:

  • I love: Mike and Cody *I like Zoey, Zeke (Eziliel), Down, Noah, Jo, Brick, Cameron, Beth and little Duncan and Gwen.*My Favourite couple: MikeXZoey ===I hate: Scott and Alejandro ===

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