Hey I'm new to this whole kind of thing so I apoligize if this is already being done somewhere else on this site. So what is going to happen is I am going to put a list of all the contestants with a + 10 beside there name. You post the same list and add 1 to one persons score and subtract one from another persons score. When a contestant goes down to zero points please delete there name and continue the post. The Last Contestant left is the winner, depending on how well this goes I will do more of these. Other rules to watch are you can only post 5 times a day and you can never post two times in a row thank and have fun.

Alejandro: +10 Beth: +10 Bridgette: +10 Cody: +10 Courtney: +10 DJ: +10 Duncan: +10 Eva: +10 Ezekiel: +10 Geoff: +10 Gwen: +10

Harold: +10 Heather: +10 Izzy: +10 Justin: +10 Katie: +10 LeShawna: +10 Lindsay: +11 Noah: +10 Owen: +10 Sadie: +10 Sierra: +10

Trent: +10 Tyler: +9

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