Cody has the reputation of being a floater character due to Sierra  basically carrying him to the final three in TDWT. In this blog, I intend on analyzing Cody's character, his skills, his weaknesses, and his past interactions with other contestants to see if he can survive a season on his own, without the help of Sierra. And by 'survive a season', I mean make it as far as he did in TDWT or further. Also before anyone says no due to him getting eliminated early in season one, that was because he got mauled by a bear and thus rendered useless. He would've made it further in the competition and Heather would've been eliminated.

First, let's look at his personality:

Cody is a very sweet boy, and his attitude to try and woo girls is often considered annoying, though amusing to some. As seen in Up the Creek, one of Cody's top priorities is to make a girl happy. Although he pesters Gwen to go out on a date with him, Cody realizes that she likes Trent, and instead of being jealous, he hooks her up with him. This act of kindness helped build a connection between Gwen and Cody, as well as Trent and Cody. Even though Cody flirting may pester the receiver, he will do anything in his power to make the girl happy, even if it means giving up his chances with her. In TDWT, when Cody finds out about Duncan and Gwen's relationship, he still accepts the fact that Gwen doesn't like him that way, although after a violent act of jealousy. Cody protects Gwen from Courtney by winning the challenge and even makes a plan with her to vote Courtney off. The plan, however, backfires.

Cody's kindness isn't limited to just girls he likes. As seen in Total Drama Island, Cody builds friendships with OwenDJ, Tyler, Beth, and as I already mentioned, Trent. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Cody listens to Beth while she rants about Heather, and appears to be concerned. Cody later builds even more friendships with contestants such as Harold and Justin. But one of the deepest friendships he has is with, ironically, Heather. Although Heather doesn't initially care for Cody, the two begin to interact a lot as TDWT progresses. Toward the end, Heather gives advice to Cody about Sierra, albeit to get him on her good side, and Cody returns the favor by giving her motivation to win the million dollars when she gives up in Hawaiian Punch. Cody is easily able to make friendships and connect with his fellow contestants which is one of the reasons that he made it so far in TDWT; he remains off the radar of antagonists due to him staying out of most drama. 

Cody can just as easily make rivals and enemies with other contestants. A prime example of this is with Duncan. Out of pure jealousy, Cody famously punches Duncan in the face after finding out he kissed Gwen. Upon entering season three, Cody thought that he had a chance with Gwen since she broke up with Trent the season before. But Duncan shattered that chance for him. In Picnic At Hanging Dork, Cody does whatever he can to hurt Duncan, and the latter retaliates and ends up hurling Cody off of a cliff with a dingo. However, because of Cody's general kindness, he earns Duncan's vote in the finale due to Duncan's hatred of the other finalists. 

Cody is known to be smart, but he has been prone to manipulation in the past. In Rapa Phooey!, Alejandro bribes Cody with candy and acts like they are friends, although Alejandro only attempts to gain his loyalty. During the challenge, Cody shares with resources, a basket, with Alejandro and the two remain buddy-buddy. However in the following episode, when Alejandro frames Cody, he learns the Spaniard's true nature.

Summary: Cody's sweet personality and his ability to easily connect with other contestants can get him past the beginning of a season. Even though Cody has been manipulated once, it was brief and it is unknown if he can be manipulated again. Cody has very few rivals, as seen in Duncan's case, his kindness won him over in the finale.

Conclusion: Overall, Cody's kindness can take him through parts of the competition and even give him some leads. He can make rivalries, be has been shown to get by them. But niceness isn't everything when it comes to getting far in Total Drama.

Next, let's look at Cody's skills and weaknesses:

Starting off with his weaknesses, Cody has plenty.

Allergies: One of Cody's minor weaknesses, that has been only shown once, is his allergies. He carries around an epi-pen, and has to use it when coming in contact with black ants, brown ants, red ants, bejo beads, wolf spiders, cicada crickets, katydids, the clear-winged Seranious butterfly, and goat saliva. As previously mentioned, Cody's allergies have only been mentioned and shown once, but they are still present and can possibly be used once more in the future, although unlikely.

Working Under Pressure: Another one of Cody's minor weaknesses, his inability to work under pressure has been only shown once. Cody reveals that his biggest fear is defusing a time bomb under pressure in Phobia Factor. When his challenge is to defuse a time bomb that explodes garbage everywhere, he immediately freaks out and ends up failing. The chances of this weakness popping up again is unlikely, but possible.

Physical Weakness: This is Cody's main weakness. During challenges, Cody can be easily thrown around by the competition and is often seen as the weak-link of the team he is on, at least in TDWT. Due to his skinny build, Cody has been shown to be unable to match up with the more physically fit contestants, making him prone to losing certain challenges. It should be noted that Cody HAS been able to match up with the competition, as shown in two challenges.

Now onto Cody's skills. 

Clever Thinking: If Cody can't perform well in a challenge, he is always thinking and comes up with creative solutions to certain problems during challenges. For example, in Dodge Brawl, Cody was pinned up against DJ and Katie, who both saw him as an easy target to win the game. After getting DJ out, Cody rubs the ball on his shirt and engulfs it in static electricity. Then he throws the electrified ball at Katie which ends up attracting to her outfit, thus following her around until it eventually makes contact and gets her out.

Technology: Cody has been known to be tech-savvy. This has been shown once in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan, when Cody films a commercial with Sierra and edits it. Chef ends up loving the commercial due to Cody's great editing and Cody wins the challenge for his team. Even though Cody has been shown to be tech-savvy once in the show, his biographies and official statement have mentioned his connections to technology, so there is always the possibility of Cody pulling something off again.

'Construction'Cody can take supplies and build them into his own creation. In Sweden Sour, Cody takes wood and metal and builds a ship in the shape of Gwen's face. Another example is in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles when Cody uses Sierra's wheel chair and a left-over hot air-balloon to create his own, well, hot air-balloon that gets him all the way from Alberta, Canada to Hawaii. 

Conclusion: While Cody is destined to lose certain challenges due to his lack of physical ability, he can win some challenges with his smartness and other skills. His other weaknesses only appeared once so it is unknown if they will appear again.

Now onto the overall conclusion: Can Cody survive a season without Sierra's help? The answer is: Maybe. 

Let me explain. By staying out of most drama and being a friendly person, Cody automatically is able to remain under the radar. Cody is also able to remain under the radar by being physically weak, since the antagonists normally go after the strong players first. However, in TDWT, he was on a team that always won so it is unknown if he can be weak and make it far because at some point, he might cost his team the challenge. And the chances of him ending up on a power-house team again is very slim. Cody's skills can assist in certain challenges and even give his team a victory, but most of the Total Drama challenges involve heavy physical activity. The odds are against Cody, and I'm leaning more towards no even though I said maybe. I believe the reason that Cody made it so far in season three was due to Sierra's help, and the fact that he was on a power-house team. Yes, Cody was a floater in season three, but he can't be underestimated. That is why I say, maybe.

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