"Hello, a welcome back to Total Drama SYOC. Last time our 36 contestants were revealed and produced some opening confessionals" Chris says. "Now it's time to get our contestants into their three teams"

"Okay, our teams will be the Crazy Cobras, Horrible Hawks and Silly Squirrels" Chris says. "Come up and draw your team"

Crazy Cobras: Cleveland, Oscar, Chloe, Alex, Haley, Nick, Rick, David, OC, Amanda, Marty and Rachael

Horrible Hawks: Candice, Wyatt, Stephen, Mahina, Emelina, Pierre, Lenny, Ioannis, Tiffany, Jane, Emily and Zora

Silly Squirrels: Mark, Riley, Caitlin, Lance, Jake, Carli, Carly, Johnny, Todd, Page, Nicolas and Spencer

"Cobras, your colour is yellow, Hawks you're red and Squirrels you're blue" Chris says. "Time for the first challenge"

The contestants all head follow Chris to a laser tag building.

"Now since I'm not allowed to do anything overly dangerous I figured I'd start you off with a game of three way lazer tag. Once your suit goes off, you're out. Winner is the last team stand" Chris says explaining the rules.

The teams run in taking advantage of three minute pre match time to get ready.


"Okay, let's stick together. We'll try to make it so that nobody can get closer" Mark says.

"Who made you in charge?" Lance asks.

"You got a better plan" Nicolas asks.

"Yeah we hunt them down" Lance replies.

"It'll be easier if we stick together" Nicolas state

"Can't win that way. Now we're doing it my way unless you want to make me stay here" Lance says picking Nicolas up by the collar.

"No, no. I-I'm good" Nicolas says.


"Okay, we'll split up. The guys can go hunt down the others and we girls will take care of the fort"  Jane says.

"Why can't the girls go hunting" Emelina asks.

"Because the boys will be better"

"They'll be just as good as any of the girls"

"No they'll be better, they're much stronger"

Ioannis stops the two before the go any further. "Ladies please, why don't we stick together in the castle for an hour before trying to get the others"


"So it's decided, half of us will hunt and half of us will defend" OC says.

"But who goes where" Chloe asks

"Rick, Nick, Cleveland, Rachael, Oscar and Alex will hunt" OC explains. "Get ready, times almost up"

A buzzing sound goes off and the teams head out. The Squirrels go out in one big pack while half the Cobras go out and the Hawks camp down.

~Outside the Hawk's fort~

"They're inside, ready we're going to storm them" Lance says.

"Lance, thisisn't going to work" Johnny says.

"Yeah right" Lance says. "Now attack"

While most of the team rushes in Johnny, Mark, Nicolas and Riley stay behind and hide behind some nearby rocks.

"Yaaaah!" Jake shouts causing the Hawk's to realise they were there.

~Inside the fort~

"Look where you plan has got us genius, the Squirrels are going to beat us" Jane shouts at Ioannis before shooting him.

"Jane, what did you just do" Emelina shouts in surprise.

"I've cut the dead weight, wait there's more" Jane says shouting Emelina.

Jane: This should make things easier.

Ioannis: First out *Punches wall* Dang it

Emelina: That idiot

Wyatt shoots Lance, taking him out of of the challenge

Lance: *sighs* This didn't work out

Carli shoots Lenny as Tiffany shoots Page

Wyatt spots Nicolas, Riley, Johnny and Mark, as he lines up to shoot them Jane shoots him.

Nicolas lines up a shot through the window hitting Mahina and causing the Hawks to give up and run out the back.

Only Stephen was hit during this.

~Squirrels Fort~

The Cobra hunters arrive and look around. "Nobody's here" Cleveland says.

They head out of the fort.

~Somewhere on the battle field~

Johnny, Mark, Riley and Nicolas spot the Cobra hunters set themselve up behind some rocks.

"We need to make it seem like there's more of us" Mark says.

"That's never going to work" Johnny complains.

"We can try" Nicolas says.

They spread out surrounding the Cobras, on Mark's signal they shoot quickly managing to hit Oscar, Rick and Rachael before they could take cover.

"We're surrounded" Nick states firing a shot off hitting Johnny.

When the next shot came they easily worked it out. "There's only three of them left, run out there" Alex points out.

With that they all ran out were Johnny was, losing Alex but hitting Nicolas in the process. Mark was almost hit but did an awesome dodge.

~Cobras fort~

"How do you think the others are going?" OC asks the others from his position up top.

"I don't know" Chloe says. "But I'm sure they're doing fine"

"Squirrels to the left" Amanda announces.

Everybody gets into postion.

They all shot quickly. Todd, Carli, Spencer and Jake were all hit.

The two remaining Squirrels took cover and fired at the others. While Carly's shot managed to hit Amanda Caitlin's shot went wildly off target an she was hit instead.

"Hawks on the right" David announces. While Chloe, OC and David try to deal with the incoming Hawks. Marty and Haley try to deal with Carly.

Haley had managed to upgrade her gun so it was shooting at twice the speed. This caused problems for Carly who was managing to dodge so far and hit Marty. Haley eventually manages to catch Carly as she slips before a miss shot from the other battle hits her.

Meanwhile OC, David and Chloe took cover as the Hawks fired at them. Once all the shot were fired they cam out and shot at the Hawks, OC managing to hit Candice. As they were taking cover they heard a cry in shock as Zora was hit by Jane while she had been trying to get to the top of the fort. As David went to check what it was he was hit.

As this constant attack and cover battle continued Nick and Cleveland approach from behind the Hawks. As soon as they were close enough they fired hitting Emily and Pierre.

"Let's get out of here Jane!" Tiffany says.

"No wimping out" Jane says before shooting Tiffany. She was quickly shot in the back by OC. As OC and Chloe were about to high five Nick warns them about Mark and Riley before he's hit.

They quickly manage to hit Mark after he hits Cleveland. When OC and Chloe celebrate however they are both shot and Riley smiles in victory. "We won!" He says in surprise.

"Congratulations Squirrels, you get a trip to the top floor for the night while Hawks you get a free elimination ceremony" Chris announces.


"Hawks that was a poor performance and I feel like we all knows who's going home" Chris says.

"Okay, Candice, Mahina, Emily, Wyatt, Stephen, Pierre, Lenny, Tiffany, Zora and Ioannis you're all safe.

Emelina looks around at the others while Jane smiles expecting to see Emelina sent home.

"And the last person safe is......












Emelina" Chris announces.

"WHAT?!" Jane cries out in shock. "You kept her instead of me"

Chef picks up Jane and drags her into a bus before driving off.

"Noooooooooo" Jane is heard crying out in defeat.

"So Jane is the first eliminated, who will be next out? What drama will begin? Who is the main antagonist? Find out next time on TOTAl DRAMA SYOC!"


"I'm actually not surprised I'm first out, in fact I planned it. You see I'm smarter than you might think. I figured I'd get myself out first and shock every with how nice I am in the finale. You fell for it didn't you. Well, see you later guys"

I hope you enjoyed the second episode, as far as I know nobody managed to guess Jane was the first to go... which is weird considering she was labelled ​The Filler ​and she was just a complete jerk when she was introduced. Also I promise next episode I'll try adding some arcs for some characters. The next elimination your clue is that they were a victim of their name and an author who knew nothing of their label.



Reasoning: She shot her own team and was a jerk the whole time.

Why I had them as first out: I needed somebody to be first to go so I figured I'd make it one of my own. There in game personality was meant to be horrible and it wasn't like they were going to last long.

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