Chris appears infront of the camera with a hotel behind him, it didn't look great like something you'd want to live in but it was better than most of the other locations with the top 2 floors standing out as much better.

"Hello and Welcome to another season of Total Drama. This time in a town, because apparently keeping contestants trapped away from the generally public is unsafe" Chris says grumbling the last part.

,*Theme Song* (I can write one up if you want)

"It's time to welcome our contestants, first up is Stephen" Chris says introducing the first contestant.

"Hey Chris" Stephen says stepping off a bus. "I thought it would be on an island"

"Competing on an island is apparently 'repeditive' and 'boring'" Chris says. "Anyway, next up is Chloe"

Chloe looks around taking in where they were.

"And next up is Riley"

Riley steps off the bus.

"And Ioannis"

Ioannis steps off the bus and completely covering up the fact Riley was there. "Nothing robotic right Chris?" He asks.

"Please welcome Rachael" Chris says deciding to completely ignore Ioannis's question to save time.

"Hey guys, I'm here and I'm here to win it" Rachael says jumping off the bus.

"Next up Jane"

"Ew, your still wearing that" Jane says looking at Chris in disgust. "Oh this is going to be easy" She says looking at the competition. "You could've gotten at least one person who's a threat"

Chris sighs. "Okay, for our next contestant we have Zora"

Zora comes out of the bus with a flip landing on her feet with a bow. "Thanks, thanks" She says.


Marty walks off the bus saying nothing.


"Hola" Page says walking off the bus.


Cleveland steps off the bus. Fists ready for anything that might being coming.


Tiffany walks off the bus texting somebody on her phone.

"Give me that" Chris says snatching her phone.

Tiffany leaps at Chris ripping the phone from his hands taking a selfie and walking of the the others casually.


"HEY GUYS!" Jake says making everybody cover their ears.


"You want me to fix up the bus?" Haley asks. "It's going a little slow"

"No, now our next contestant is Spencer"

"Hi guys" Spencer says he steps over to them and the all step back.


OC walks off the bus. "Am I the only new one Chris/Sup guys" he says depending on whic version of Total Drama you like better.


"Howdy Everyone" Carli says as she comes off the bus. "How y'all doin'"


"Hello everyone" Amanda says stepping off the bus.


"Just stay out of my way and you'll be fine" Lance says.


"Hey crew" David says.


"Sup guys" Candice says stepping off the bus with a surf board in hand.


"Howy Partners" Wyatt says stepping off the bus.


Mahina doesn't say anything.


"Sup guys" Todd says stepping off the bus.


Emelina steps off the bus as a pie hits her in the face. Everybody laughs, Mahina the most. "Which of you guys threw that" She demands. Everybody points to Jane.

"I said guys, because no girl would do something like that"

"Alex and Oscar"

Alex and Oscar who are obviously younger that the others.

"We're here Alex"

"I know Oscar"

"I'm going to beat you"

"You wish"


"Hi guys, oh Chris I can't believe it's really you. Alex you be careful there"


"You could've come up with something more creative"


Johnny walks off not saying anything.

"Rick and Nick"

The two come leaping out of the bus shouting battle cries.


"Hey guys" Emily says in a cheery tone. "Can wait to get to know you all better"


"I'm going win this and nobody's going to stop me"

"Oh no, not another" Chris groans quietly realising why he seemed so familiar.


"Did you really have to state on page nine that all injures can't be taken back Chris?" Nicolas asks.


"I can't believe I'm really on the show" Pierre shrieks.

"And finally Carly"

Carly leaps off the bus. "Hi guys"

,*First Confessionals*

Carly: This is going to be great

Pierre: My fan act will not let them know

Nicolas: I'm not her for the money, I want to see if I can get a girl

Mark: I've got. I hope nobody thinks badly of me because of my honesty.

Cleveland: Ain't no challenges I can't punch down.

Lenny: This can't be too hard

Johnny: Who need friends. I can win this with my talents

Rick: It's so great Nick and I are in

Nick: It's so great Rick and I are in

Emily: I'm acting all happy, but they won't expect the real me

Caitlin: *Facing wrong way* I can do this. Hopefully there are lots of couples.

Oscar: It's going to be so fun being on this with Alex.

Alex: Being better than Oscar just means he's got to go out before me

Wyatt: I'm going try to win this and still play fair

Mahina: I'm unsure what to think but I'm surprised Emelina came on too though.

Todd: This is going to be fun

Emelina: I'm going to show them that girls can win it. The boys don't stand a chance.... I just hope Mahina would follow me around.

Carli: Let's see what my experience on the ranch can do

Amanda: I really hoped I would get to see more of the world. Oh well.

Lance: I'm going to be a bad boy to make the girls fall for me while wiping out anyone who stands in my path.

David: I'm going to try to win this with out anyone getting hurt.

Candice: So far the surfers on Total Drama have done alright, but I'm going to show them I can win it.

Tiffany: Wait, I'm updating my Twitter.

Jake: I really hope my talking isn't annoying everybody

Haley: I hope to improve my skills and maybe win the money.

Spencer: Looking at everybody, I'm sure I need the money the most.

OC: Man the confessional's great

Zora: I'm going to bring fame and fortune back to my circus

Marty: Hopefully I'm more out going by the end of this.

Page: You hear all the countries I've been too. Well there's-"

Stephen: My stratigy, I'm going to do whatever anyone wants me to do

Chloe: By the end of this I hope to have more friends and maybe a million

Ioannis: I may bea nice guy, but I play dirty

Rachael: I'm going to win this

Jane: Oh, these losers aren't going to know what hit them.

So, tell me what you think and see if you can guess who's going next. Also I need you to pick the main antagonist. Remember this will affect the whole story

Who should be the main antagonist?

The poll was created at 06:28 on March 31, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.

PS: I do know some of the others have some antagonist qualities but they just aren't main villain possibilities.

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