FULL Okay so for anybody who doesn't know SYOC stands for Submit Your Own Character. Pretty much this is just where you can add any characters you think would make a good adition to the total drama cast. You can add up to 6 and I will be accepting 24-36 contestants.

I'm not going to add any characters that I don't think are good ideas. So far I have:

Dinopoke10 (Me):

  • Stephen, The Minion
  • Chloe, Kind and Pretty
  • Riley, The Forgotten One
  • Ioannis, The Manipulator
  • Rachael, The Try-Hard
  • Jane, The Filler


  • Zora, The Acrobat
  • Marty, The Quiet One
  • Page, The World Traveller
  • Cleveland, The Boxer

Raised By Wolves:

  • Tiffany, The Social Media Addict
  • Jake, The Loudmouth
  • Haley, The Prodigy
  • Spencer, The Poor Boy
  • OC, The Friendly Strategist


  • Carli, The Rancher
  • Amanda, The Native
  • Lance, The Manipulative Juvenile
  • David, The Scout
  • Candice, The Californian Surfer


  • Wyatt, The Gentleman Cowboy
  • Mahina, The Shy One
  • Todd, The Sly Fox
  • Emelina, The Feminist

Princess Cloudy:

  • Caitlin, The Oddball
  • Oscar, The Young Sport-Lover
  • Alex, The Sporty Cheat


  • Lenny, The Know-it-all
  • Johnny, The Anti-social freak
  • Rick, The First Crazy Twin
  • Nick, The Other Crazy Twin
  • Emily, The Happy Girl


  • Mark, The Determind


  • Nicholas, The Bookworm
  • Pierre, The Antagonistic Uber-Fan
  • Carly, The Extreme Girl

These are the contestant that shall be competing. I'm going to try to make it so that the final 9 will all be made by different people.

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