Yeah, so this is something I want to try out. Anybody who wants to can write this. Cast is unconfirmed as I'm not everybody and it's up to all of you guys to choose what happens with a few rules:

  • Give the character you're eliminating a good showing along with some others
  • Don't eliminate anybody you think you didn't show very well as I don't want them going home unless it's like them
  • Post any characters you'd like to see in it if you've read this far
  • You can write up to two chapters but you need to post when you want them (merge, teams, finale) and whether or not you can do a double elimination/non elimination
  • Keep it realistic, don't just cut the gravity in the streets or anything
  • Do at least one cameo in your episode to prove you remember the rules
  • Make sure to put the link to the previous episode in
  • Have fun
  • Warn me if you're not going to be on so I can make sure your episode(s) are at a time that works
  • No forcing the winners/making people win again. By this I mean no making it so that Gwen or Owen or Beth or whoever else wins again because I want this to be new and original not some finale repeat, and by no forcing I mean no seeing that it's Gwen, Owen, Alejandro, DJ, Noah, Mike, Sky and Courtney and eliminating Courtney so DJ and Alejandro have to be the finalists.
  • Check with me about any twists and I'll tell you if I can fit it in
  • Make sure the villain stays. So I'm having three finalist so that the person writing the finale gets to choose however there must be villain in the top 4

(Undetermined Number) of contestants arrive at a mansion thinking they're earning some form of reward for their time on total drama just to discover that not everybody was invited. Confused they walk into the mansion to see Chris and Chef with evil smiles on their faces. Realizing it was a new season they try to run but Chris tells them it's too late as they sign the contracted (disguised as a guest book)


DJ- 1

Noah- 1

Brick- 1

Dawn- 1

Topher- 1

Beardo- 1

B- 1

Jo- 1

Lindsay- 1

Tyler- 1

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