Okay, I know it been a long wait, sorry everybody. Also lost my sheet of planned interaction for the next while so post what you want to see interactions of. Also keep and eye out for the consistant error this episode. Bonus points to anybody who notices. Anyway, so far

​Elimination Order

  • 35th- Jane (Dinopoke10)
  • 34th- Carli (TDFantatic52)
  • 33rd- Johnny (Shadowshroom)
  • 32nd- ???? (Unknown)


Hawks: Candice, Wyatt, Stephen, Mahina, Emelina, Pierre, Lenny, Ioannis, Tiffany, Emily and Zora

Cobras: Cleveland, Oscar, Chloe, Alex, Haley, Nick, Rick, David, OC, Amanda, Marty and Rachael

Squirrels: Mark, Caitlin, Lance, Jake, Carly, Todd, Page, Nicolas and Spencer

"Previously on Total Drama SYOC, Stephen and Emily set their first target and then we had a gaming challenge. After the Squirrels lost they voted out the least popular member of their team. 32 remain. It's time for another episode of Total Drama SYOC"

Alex and Oscar are playing Rick and Nick in a game of Table Tennis. The ball goes flying past Alex's head.

"We lost, this is all your fault" Alex says.

"What did I do?"

"You hit that bad shot straight to Nick"

"Rick" Nick corrects.

"Whatever, you made us lose"


Oscar: Alex gets a little overcompetitive but he never cheats

The next match it seems like Rick and Nick are constantly geting hurt or distracted.

Alex: It's not cheating, just tactical play

OC and Mark are sitting next to each other in the mess hall

"What's that?" OC asks looking over at Mark.

"What's what?" Mark asks back.

"That gun in your pocket"

"It's a dart gun. I figured I'd bring a few things to help out"

"Ready for Chris's tricks"

"Yeah, I mean my sister told me all the things Chris can get on these shows"

"Your sister?"

"Ella, from Pahkitew Island"

"Okay, so you're kind of experienced"

"I guess" Mark says taking a mouthful of the food, he instantly starts gagging.

"Not that experienced though"

Rick and Nick were sitting across from each other.

"Too bad they were cheating in that last game" Rick says

"Yeah, we were making such an awesome team" Nick replies

"Guess we just have to show it in the next game"


Stephen is sitting next to Emily.

"Okay, I know I should've asked this earlier but why are you with me" Emily says using a tone to make it seem like a friendly conversation

"I want to make it far in the game"

"You know they never make it to the final"

"Well I'll be the first, villians don't have that good a record either you know"

"Three out of twelve isn't bad"

"Mike wasn't really a villian"

"He was in his season"


Mahina sits beside Emelina causing Emelina to sigh.

Emelina: I've been try to avoid her. It had been working. I know Mahina is going to embrass me now

"Hey Emelina, can you believe we got on this show together"

"Are you surprised, I mean they didn't even get the number of contestants they wanted"

"Well um... at least we can work together now"

Emelina shrugs.

Spencer happened to be sitting next to Page

"Hi" He says.

"Hi Spencer" Page replies. After a moment of silence Page decides it's a bit to awkward between them. "So, why did you join the show?" She asks.

"To get money, go to school, have a home" Spencer says.

"Oh.... I wish I could've gone to school" Page says.

"You haven't been either"

"My family was too busy moving around to stay in one place"

"That sounds like fun"

"Sounds like it, you get over it after a while, you never get to make friends, can't have pets"

"Sounds kind of like living on the streets"

"MEET A THE HALL FOR YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE!" Chris's voice blares out over the speakers

Once everybody arrives Chris explains the challenge. "Today's challenge will be split into two sections, the boys will be competing in a three  way game of dodge ball while the girls will be in a trivia and gossip..."

"That's not fair, the girls can do dodgeball and the boys can do trivia a gossip"

"Fine, each team can swap one pair"

Carly and Jake swap for the Squirrels

Emelina and Pierre swap for the Hawks

Cobras stay the same


The court is a triangle divided up in three sections. In the center was a tube full of dodge balls with a dispenser going each way, teams would have to run to the center to press a button to get a ball towards them.

The five hawks went to their section of the triangle which was red.

The eight cobras go to the yellow section of the court

The six squirrels go onto the blue section.

"GO!" Chef (since Chris was at the trivia section) says.

All the contestants rush to the center trying to be the first team to get the dodge balls.

Carly is the first person to grab a ball catching Lenny off grab and hitting him.

Nicolas was the next hit by Wyatt.

Chef smiles seeing the two get hit and presses two buttons on the panels in front of him causing the two of them to be picked up and hung by their shirts from the ceiling.

Nick and Rick smiled at each other getting out Stephen with their double shot.

Todd barely manages to dodge the ball thrown at him by him by David, throwing one back at him that seemed to exploded for a seconded leaving David dyed green like his top. He would've caught the ball had he not been caught by surprise.

As David and Stephen were pulled up Todd was hit because he was too busy laughing to notice the next lot of balls flying at him.

Alex, Oscar, Nick and Rick all throw their balls at at Carly who manages to catch two returning them to hit Oscar and Rick before the other two hit her.

Spencer grabs one of the balls picking it up and hitting Marty before being hir himself.

"Lance, aim for Cleveland" Mark says in a low voice.

"I'm doing what I want" Lance says throwing it at OC.

OC catches the ball and Cleveland dodges the one throwing it at him and hits Lance with another one.

Emelina throws the ball taking out Nick followed by OC taking out Ioannis

Mark dodges balls thrown at him by Cleveland and Alex before managing to hit Alex.

Cleveland manages to hit Emelina before Wyatt hits him.

Mark, OC and Wyatt look at each other and each throw the ball that they have in their hands.

OC ducks and Wyatt and Mark both slam out each other and are lifted into the ceiling.

"Crazy Cobras win" Chef announces. "Now work out how to get yourselves off the ceiling"  He says leaving the everybody except OC hanging on the roof.

TRIVIA: (Crazy Cobras don't have to compete)

To Be Continued

Any ideas for interactions welcome

Also I'm starting to get writers block that seems to come to me after getting a bit into writing stories so when I finish this chapter the next one may be a while

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