Firstly wow, many opinions on who's going home.

Emelina was a top one, and a good choice too

Carly and Carli were second, and it's no surprise.

Johnny, Lenny, Nick, Rick, Riley, Candice and Mahina were the others with no votes. I can confirm one off these are right and that Johnny, Candice, Mahina and Riley the ones with the worst reason aren't going home.


Crazy Cobras: Cleveland, Oscar, Chloe, Alex, Haley, Nick, Rick, David, OC, Amanda, Marty and Rachael

Horrible Hawks: Candice, Wyatt, Stephen, Mahina, Emelina, Pierre, Lenny, Ioannis, Tiffany, Emily and Zora

Silly Squirrels: Mark, Riley, Caitlin, Lance, Jake, Carli, Carly, Johnny, Todd, Page, Nicolas and Spencer

The screen opens to Chris in front in the hotel. "Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Total Drama SYOC. Last time our contestants were placed into three teams and competed in a game of laser tag. Eventually the Squirrels won thanks to um.... who cares, the Hawks lost thanks to a team shooter who took out 5 of her team members and she was sent home"

The Squirrels are sitting up in the first class suite.

"Look, if we want to win again we need to pick a leader" Nicolas says. "We kind of lucked out last time"

"Well, I think I should be leader because I know what I'm doing" Lance says.

"How did that work out last time?" Mark points out.

"You going to vote me off for it" Lance asks.


"Exactly, so you're going to follow my ideas"

"Why not Nicolas he's got the brains?"

"Not me, you Mark. You'll be much better" Nicolas says.

"You sure"

"Let's just vote" Jake says.

Eventually after the vote it was Mark in first, Nicolas in second and Lance in last.

"So it's settled Mark is leader" Todd says. "Congrats man" He holds his hand out to shake.

"Thanks" Mark says taking his hand before quickly releasing. Todd just smiles.

The Cobras were sitting in their central room.

"OC, that was nice planning" Chloe says. "It's like you've done this kind of thing before/It's so good having a veteran on this team"

"No, this is my first time/It's not like I'm the greatest contestant" OC says.

"Well whatever it is you know what you're doing" Rachael states.

"You placed everybody where they should be" Caitlin says.

"With you in charge I can beat Oscar alone" Alex says.

"Yeah, right I'm going to win" Oscar says.

The Hawks are moping around in the old rooms downstairs.

"Losing the first challenge, this is never good" Ioannis groans.

"Hey, don't worry. We can do this" Emily says.

"First team does always lose" Wyatt points out.

"Hey, we got rid of the traitor" Emelina states.

"TEAM SELFIE!" Tiffany says taking one to the whole teams surprise.

Stephen and Emily sneak out in the confusion.

"Hey! Emily where are you going?" Stephen asks.

"Just to the confessional" Emily replies.


"Oh course"

"Not to make your plans"

"About what?!"

"How to win, I know you're one of the four deadly antagonist"


"Keep it down, you really want to go like that"

"Fine what do you propose"

"Simply, you keep me in an alliance and I get help you get rid of the biggest threats"

"You mean like an alliance"

"Yeah, you lead. I watch"

​Emily: ​Man Stephen's sneaky, good to have him by my side

Stephen: ​What better way than to make it all the way


The Contestants met Chris in the feild waiting to see what the challenge would be.

"Todays challenge is an obstacal course" Chris announces.

"You shall cross 11 obstacals each done by different contestants"

"What about the two that don't compete?" Chloe asks.

"They get individual immunity"

"Now the first obstacal is Chaotic Cargo" Chris says.

"The Contestants who shall be doing this are... Haley for the Cobras, Lenny for the Hawks and Todd for the Squirrels"

"Next up, David, Mahina and Carli will take on the Goliath"

"Oscar, Emelina and Spencer you have the Diesel Dome"

"Amanda, Wyatt and Mark you get Fisherman's Catch"

"Alex, Tiffany and Caitlin, you are doing the Giant Cliffhanger"

"Rachael, Ioannis, Nicolas, you're on the Great Drama Wall"

"OC, Pierre, Page. Enjoy the Mud Mounds"

"Chloe, Zora, Carly enjoy Muddy Mayhem"

"Nick, Emily, Riley... wait who's Riley... never mind, I don't care you get the Pipeline"

"Marty, Stephen, Jake. You get to enjoy the Plunge"

"Cleveland, Candice and Johnny. You get the last obstacal Risky Business followed by a mad dash to the finish line"

The Contestants get into position everybody where they were drawn with Lance and Rick watching with Chris. The only difference was the fact Carli and Carly were the wrong way around.

"GO!" Chris says.

Haley, Lenny and Todd set out instantly for the first obstacal, crossing the rope carefully not wanting to fall into the mud below.

Haley was moving across the fastest with Todd following behind and Lenny in last.

About half way through, not long before they would start to climb down Haley misses a rope getting tangled up and her attempts to free herself didn't help as Todd and then Lenny rush across the feild to tag Mahina and Carly respectively.

As Mahina and Carly started climbing up the ropes Haley finally untangles herself and rushes across to tag David.

Mahina starts climbing her rope carefully making it half way up before she could feel i breaking. She tries to speed up but ends up tumbling down managing to catch the rope next to her after ending up slightly behind David. She continues climbing up slower.

Carly quickly makes it to the top, easily sliding to the slide without touching the sides, leaping across to tag Spencer who races across to the next obstacal, well ahead of Oscar and Emelina when they get tagged.

Spencer climbs up the Dome well ahead and using the skills of years of time out on the street to get across the beams and managing to tag Mark in before Oscar and Emelina had even arrived.

Oscar was the first to set out across the beams of the dome rushing in overly eager and slipping off into the mud below forcing him to restart, he rushes back out again slipping off even faster this time. "Oscar, slow down!" OC shouts out, Oscar tries it and makes it across even though his team was now well in last place.

Emelina rushes across the beam catching up to Oscar before she slips off, however unlike the little 13 year old she realises that she needs to take it slow and while Oscar would constantly pass her she manages to tag Wyatt in well before Amanda was going to be tagged.

Brief summary of next few obstacals:

Mark sets out way ahead and keeps it that way quickly managing to hold himself over the water and net.

Wyatt follows behind and manages to cross easily.

Amanda falls once but manges to get back on and cross losing little time

Caitlin leads the group however slows down incouraging Alex but still manges to finish well in first

Tiffany stops for a selfie and ends up finishing at the same time as Alex.

Alex does well on the obstacal

Nicolas has trouble climbing up the wall and uses up the teams huge advantage leaving them barely in first.

Rachael quickly passes Ioannis and tries to pass Nicolas too however falling off the wall leaves their team in second.

Ioannis ends up barely in last but didn't do too badly on the obstacal.

OC being a veteran at the game easily handles the challenge sliding over and through the mud without even caring.

Pierre, although reluctant at first crosses over the mound but with the slowest time.

Page, use to having to trek through muddy places comes out first.

Carli easily clears through the muddy leading them back into a clear first place.

Zora was the next to clear through the muddy not really minding having to deal with it.

Chloe reluctantly treks through the mud.

Riley isn't shown during the challenge until he tags Jake ahead other the other two

Nick easily clears through the obstacal however having to got through the tunnel causes them to end up in second.

Emily does her best to make up for lost time and manages to finish barely in forth.

Jake manages to climbing up the rope ending up finishing at the same time as the other two, head closes his eyes and is the first to take the plunge leaving the Squirrels in first.

Stephen is the next to take the plunge getting out and racing ahead not far behind.

Marty was nervous about jumping and ends up doing it eventually but well behind.

Johnny is the first to head out racing along the log and finishing well in first.

"We did it, We won!" Mark cries out in excitement,

"No you're actually miles in last" Chris tells them.


"Carli and Carly did the wrong obsctacals"

"Wait that means we won" Cleveland says crossing the finishing line

"And we didn't lose" Candice says

"Squirrels I'll being seeing you at the campfire"

Before the campfire:

"We need to vote out one of the Carly/i's tonight" Nicolas says. "I don't want to really have to force something like this but it's going to cost us more challenges"

Everyone in the room (Carli and Carly aren't) nods in agreement

"Which one though?" Mark asks.

"We'll all choose and see who it is?"

Campfire ceremony

"Well that was some hard for you and one of you will be the next to go home and I was correct with the bottom two from here"

"Mark, Lance, Jake, Caitlin, Nicolas, Johnny, Todd, Spencer and Page you're all safe"

Riley looks shocked as Carli and Carly look nervous.

"And Carly is the last person safe" Chris annouces.

Carly looks down as the other Carli goes to get her marshmallow.

"Not you, you're out" Chris says and Chef escorts her to the Bus of losers.

"Why is there one marshmallow left?" Nicolas asks after Carly takes her marshmallow.

"I don't know, whoever here doesn't have a marshmallow gets it"

Lance takes the marshmallow a smug look on his face.


Calri is sitting in the bus. "Well, it sucks the way I had to go, but I guess what's down is done. If only Chris hadn't let in two people with the same name" She turns around to see Jane behind her. "Why are you in here?"

"Oh, Chris makes us come back to pick up the other losers, but otherwise we get to stay at a five star resort."

"Ooooh, that sound nice"

To Be Continue (Sorry, I've got a lot of things on at the moment but I'm slowly getting through it. Hopefully I'll get it finished soon, I still need to come up with some arcs though. Any ideas would be good)

If you would like to know where I got the obstacals from, I used ones from the Warrior Dash, which I did not know about until I went looking for some obstacals. I changed the way the obstacals work

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