Okay so first off our winners are in that slide show over there. There is in fact 10 because of a draw in the Pahkitew Island cast

So yeah, but that leaves me with another 17 slots to fill, my first decision is to cut everybody who got no votes:

Owen, Geoff, Lindsay, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Katie, Justin, Ezekiel, Sierra, Sam, Leonard, Amy, Rodney and Scarlett.

Of course you don't want to hear me tell all about how I choose the cast so I'll just get to the story without telling you who else actually qualified.

Chris stands in front of the camera a smile on his face. "Hello everybody and welcome to another season of Total Drama" He says. "This season we shall see 27 of the contestants rom the others seasons come and compete for another million dollar. This season we're heading back around the world on a new plane" Chris says indicating to a surprisingly great plane. "It's time to welcome the contestants to the first episode of TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE ON THE EARTH!"

A bus full of shadowy hard to make out figures shows up. "Firstly, welcome back Chef"

Chef walks off the bus in a pilots uniform.

"Our first contestant, back by popular demand is Bridgette" Chris says as the blonde surfer walks off.

"Not another season" Bridgette groans.

"Don't worry there'll be plenty poles Bridgette" Chris says, an evil smile on his face.

This causes Bridgette to glare at him.

"Just get on the plane" Chris says.

As Bridgette walks onto the plane with Chef the next contestant walks off the bus. "Another contestant people wanted to see returning... Noah!"

"Yay, another season" Noah says in his usually sarcastic voice.

"Glad to see you're so excited" Chris says. "Now go hop on the plane with the others"

Noah does so as the next contestant another guy walks off the bus with their guitar. "Next up is Trent our last original back by popular demand"

"Hey Chris man" Trent says.

"Hey Trent, trying to win back Gwen"

Trent shakes his head. "Gave up on that, trying to redeem myself"

"Well, get on the plane"

"Our next contestant is Brick, our first of three second gens people wanted to see back"

The cadet walks off the Chris.

"Hello sir" Brick says bring his hand up to his forehead

"The best part of bring you back is the respect, now get on the plane" Chris says.

"Yes sir" Brick says walking onto the plane.

"Our next contestant is Dawn" Chris says.

The aura reading girl walks off the bus. "Hello Chris, you have the same full of yourself aura"

"Yes, it's never going to change, now get on the plane"

Dawn walks onto the bus as a red haired girl walks off the bus.

"And our final second gen back by popular demand... Zoey" Chris says.

"Hey Chris" Zoey says.

"Hello Zoey, now get on the bus" Chris says.

Zoey walks onto the plane and the next contestant a blonde hair girl in what looks to be a cheerleading outfit.

"The favourite from Pahkitew Island... Samey" Chris says.

"Hey Chris" Samey says.

"Hey Samey, no Amy this season" Chris says.

"Oh, that's good"

"Now get on the plane"

Samey walks onto the plane and the next contestant from Pahkitew Island walks off the bus. It was a short boy with purple hair.

"Unfortunately our next contestant is Max"

"I shall win this competition with my evil" Max says.

"I've had enough evil, now get on the plane" Chris says angrily

"Yes Chris" Max says and walks onto the plane.

The next off the bus was a large girl wearing a pink top and a more sporty girl in a more athletic outfit.

"And our last ones back by popular demand are Sugar and Sky" Chris says.

Sky groans. "Not another season"

"Another chance to show off my beauty" Sugar says.

"Get on the plane you two"

Sky and Sugar walk onto the plane

The next person off the bus was obviously quite strong.

"Welcome back DJ"

"Not another season" DJ says fearfully. "What if I hurt more animals?"

"Well get on the plane and find out" Chris says.

DJ carefully walks onto the plane.

The next person steps off the bus

"Welcome back Leshawna" Chris says.

"Hey Chris, Leshawna is here to win it"

"So is everybody else, time to get onto the plane" Chris says.

Leshawna walks onto the plane.

The next contestant off the bus has curled hair.

"Welcome back Izzy"

"Hey Chris it's great to be back, is Owen competing"

"Good to see and no, now get onto the plane"

Izzy walks onto the plane and the finally original contestant walks off the bus.

"And the last original contestant returning in Tyler"

"Hey Chris" Tyler says.

"Hey Tyler, go join the others on the plane"

Tyler tries to do an awesome trick but fails tumbling into the plane.

The next contestant off the bus has blonde hair and still has some traces of her past mutation.

"And back by a court case Dakota" Chris says.

Dakota just poses and camera people seem to appear out of nowhere.

"Just get on the plane" Chris says slightly annoyed.

Dakota walks onto the plane and before the photographers can follow Chef sprays them with his water blaster.

The next person to walk off the bus is both smart and strong

"Next up, is B" Chris says

B says nothing

"Anyway way of communicating?"

B still doesn't reply.

"Just get on the plane"

B walks onto the plane.

A red haired male wearing a white singlet walks off the bus.

"Our next contestant is Scott"

"Chris" Scott says (Yeah, I'm probably going to fail Scott. Just an early warning)

"Onto the plane Scott" Chris says.

Scott walks onto the plane.

A girl with short blonde hair wearing a black jersey walks off the bus

"And our final ROTI starter, Jo"

"Hey Chris" Jo says running on the spot a little.

"Welcome back Jo, onto the plane"

Jo runs onto the plane

"And our last 4 are from Pahkitwe Island" Chris says.

The first one walks off the bus with so heavy armor sound effects

"Welcome back Beardo."

Beardo makes game start sound.

"Okay, onto the plane" Chris says.

Beardo walks onto the plane with overly dramatic sound effects.

"Hey Chris, it's so great you let me back" A voice from the bus.

"And an ex-personal favourite Topher"

"Oh wow a world tour redo awesome" Topher says.

"Glad you like it, onto the plane"

Topher walks onto the plane

The next person walks off the bus, they look kind of like a fairy-tale princess

"Next one is Ella" Chris says.

"Do we have to sing again" Ella sings.

"No, now get on the plane" Chris says angrily.

I've got school, so I'll finish when I get back. Tell me what you think so far and anywhere you'd like to see visited.

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