Chris stands in front of the cast. "Okay let's make this quick. Leshawna, Dakota and Max you will be competing to stay in"

"Chris, there's three of us and I'm not good with physical challenges. It ruins my beauty can I sit out"

"It's a fashion competition" Chris says.

"See you guys later" Dakota says to the other two.

And this statement was correct with the cast blindly voting Dakota's outfit through.

Leshawna and Max look at each other.

"Chris, you said one of us would be eliminated hun" She says seconds before Chef pushes her out of the plane.

"I lied" Chris says throwing Max out.

"My evil will get you all"


Team Topher:

  • Topher
  • Tyler
  • Trent
  • Dawn
  • Izzy
  • Bridgette

Team Nile:

  • Samey
  • Dakota
  • Beardo
  • Sky
  • B

Team Champions:

  • Jo
  • Brick
  • DJ
  • Ella
  • Noah

B and Beardo are sitting next to each other, Beardo making sound effects.

DJ, Ella and Dawn are all talking about nature.

Sky, Brick and Jo are competing against each other

Tyler, Trent, Izzy and Bridgette are remembering the times on the island

Topher is talking to Chris

Noah was trying to read a book with Dakota trying to give Samey clothing tips.

Chris pushes everybody out of the plane and tells them to find the Aztec treasure

Team Champions get caught by locals

Team Topher get attack by various creatures

Team Nile take the lead

Team Champions arrive at the temple first

Team Nile find out Dakota was leading them to a five star resort where they relax

Team Topher find the treasure after arriving in second thanks to Izzy.

Team Champions come second

Who goes home?

The poll was created at 07:54 on March 18, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.

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