DJ catches his bag with more confidence on Scott and Jo's faces.

"The next to the brains of the team, Noah"

Noah catches his bag.

"And the final person with no votes is Brick"

Brick catches his bag and Leshawna is shocked.

"Who voted me?" Leshawna asks.

"Doesn't matter cause you're safe" Chris says.

She looks around at everybody confused.

"And the final barf bag goes to....."

Scott and Jo look at each other with confidence.


Scott looks around. "You losers voted me off"

Leshawna, Noah, Brick and Jo nod. "After hearing what you did in Revenge of the Island from Dawn we decided to vote you off hon" Leshawna explains.

"Not to mention you purposefully cost us the challenge" Noah adds.

"Hmph" Scott safes snatching up his parachute and jumping off the plane.


  • Brick- Scott
  • Jo- Scott
  • Scott- Jo
  • Ella- Jo
  • Leshawna- Scott
  • DJ- Leshawna
  • Noah- Scott


Team Nile: Samey, B, Beardo, Sky, Max and Dakota

Team Topher: Topher, Tyler, Trent, Izzy, Bridgette and Dawn

Team Champions: Jo, Noah, Brick, DJ, Leshawna and Ella

The screen opens to Team Champions trying to sleep in Economy class. It took a while but Noah finally got comfortable and fell asleep. After DJ groans Brick decides to left team moral. "Don't worry team, we shall win without that traitor" Brick announces.

The team groans a little. "Give it a break Brick, we lost!" Jo says.

"Don't down spirits, we shall lose again"

"Just let us sleep" DJ groans.

Brick sighs and lies down trying to get comfortable and eventually the whole team falls asleep.

Team Topher are relaxing in first class. "Oh man, I could get use to this" Topher says.

"Yeah, this is the life" Trent agrees.

"I can't believe we won I hope it happens again even though I don't think it will oh well" Izzy continues to ramble on into one of her many stories.

Team Nile are looking around economy class.

"Are we really this bad" Samey asks.

Sky nods. "We've got to try harder, show them we Pahkitew's can win this"

"Why don't you three help me as my minions?" Max offers but the others shake there heads.

"Or we could form an alliance" Beardo says his first words on the show.

"You speak?!"

"Good idea wait.... Beardo!"

"I thought you were a mindless radio I would be able to bend of my will"

Beardo sighs.

"Okay, I'm in"


"You'll bend to my will later, I'm in"

Later the plane is seen landing in the middle of now where.

"Okay guys, or some of you welcome back to area 51" Chris says.

Tyler shivers at the memory.

"Same as last time, bring me an intact alien relic" Chris says.

The teams set out and Tyler stops his team before they blindly run across the area between them and the base.

The other two teams get blown up.

Tyler shows them the trick to crossing the space and Team Topher are the first to arrive. Tyler remembering the layout out of the base rushes around and gets an alien relic he remembered just before they reached Chris a fist comes out of no where and knocks Max who was holding the relic out.

Jo catches the relic and presents it to Chris.

"Team Champions win!"

Brick and Ella look down guiltily.

"Can't we do this more fair next time" Brick asks.

"No, but I guess we can help them out" Jo says.

Team Topher shows them the way in and they all start searching, Tyler soon finds an alien which clings to his head. Tyler runs out and across to Chris getting repeatedly zapped in the head.

Meanwhile Samey finds an alien orb which she rushes out about few meters in front of Tyler.

Seconds before Samey arrives Tyler presents the alien to Chris. "Team Nile you lose time to vote somebody off" Chris says just before Tyler falls over crushing the alien.

Who from Team Nile should go home?

The poll was created at 07:56 on March 1, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.

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