Previously on Total Drama Revenge on the Earth:

The Teams were introduced:

  • Team Topher Is Really Really Really Hot with Topher, Dawn, Trent, Bridgette, Tyler, Zoey and Izzy
  • Team Champions with Jo, Brick, Scott, DJ, Noah, Leshawna and Ella
  • Team Nile with Samey, Beardo, B, Sugar, Sky, Dakota and Max

I had you guys voted somebody out who will be confirmed soon.

An alliance between Max and Scott is formed.

Barf Bag ceremony, from the previous episode.

"Okay, so you were the seven slowest contestants" Chris say to which Sky instantly takes offence.

"I wasn't slowest, I was pushes over"

"So what, you were the third to last to arrive, but that doesn't matter as you're safe"

Sky catches her bag.

"The next barf bag goes to first arriver and team namer Samey" Chris says tossing Samey her bag.

"The next bag goes to the only person I can quote everything I've heard them say in a second, B"

B catches his bag.

"And also sound effects master, Beardo"

Beardo catches his bag with some dramatic sound effects.

"The next goes to beauty queen..."

Sugar and Dakota get ready to catch.


Dakota catches her bag and Sugar glares at her and Chris.

"Max you were last to arrive and Sugar, you did nothing wrong"

"Give me my barf bag already and let the purple haired weirdo go home already"

"I can't do that since Max, you're safe"

"You cannot defeat me and my eeeeevil" Max says to Sugar.

Sugar launches at Dakota. "That's my bag" She shouts

Chris catches Sugar and throws her and a parachute out of the plane. "Have fun" Chris says.


"Robbed of my barf bag by some wanna be celebrity" Sugar groans, she grabs the parachute falling beside her, pulling it open. A parachute pops out and it carries her down.

Team Champions are chilling in first class.

"Let's keep this up" Brick says. "Let's keep winning with our athletic abilities" Brick says. "To the CHAMPIONS"

"To the Champions" The rest of the Champions cheer.

Jo is sitting next to Brick. "You and your inspiration" She mutters.

"It helps team work" Th

"Easier to just vote of the weaklings"

"We should vote off whoever deserves to go"

"And who would that be"


"No, it should be Noah, he's just going to drag our team down"

Team Nile sit in ecomony class.

"We've got to win next time" Sky says.

B nods. He suspected his team might vote him out since it might be hard to get use to him, but things seemed to be going quiet well with Beardo.

Team Topher sit not far ahead of them.

Zoey looked around at her team not at all worried, after her last two seasons she was really starting to expect high rankings, the only time she'd been eliminated was because of Lightning and they weren't here.

"So guys, you ready for a challenge to redeem ourselves.

The Plane lands and everybody looks around, they were in Italy. (I know the title says Greek but just think of that as Greeks versus Romans or something)

Everybody looks at the field and it's three forts.

"Todays challenge shall be a battle. If you're hit, you will faint" Chris says. "Team Champions since you won you get to choose your weapons first.

Weapons (7 of each)

  • Swords
  • Bow and Arrows
  • Spear

Jo takes a spear

Brick takes a Spear

Noah takes a bow, much to Jo's complaint

DJ takes a sword

Ella takes a bow, more complaining from JO

Scott takes a Sword

Leshawna takes a sword

They head off to strategize in their golden castle.

Next up were Team Topher with there random weapons.

Topher, Dawn and Trent get bows

Bridgette gets a Sword

Tyler gets a Spear

Zoey gets a Sword

Izzy gets a bow

Team Nile gets the last of the weapons randomly as Team Topher head to their red fort

Samey, Beardo and B gets Spears

Sky gets a bow

Dakota gets a Sword

Max gets a Spear

They go to strategize behind their blue barricade


Izzy shoots Tyler

Jo spears Max

Brick spears Dakota

Noah shoots Trent

Sky shoots Scott

Brick spears Samey

B spears Brick

Izzy shoots Zoey

Beardo gets Bridgette

Jo gets Beardo

Dawn shoots Ella

Noah shoots Dawn

Sky shoots Leshawna

DJ slices Topher

Izzy shoots Jo

Izzy shoots DJ

Izzy shoots Sky

B spears Izzy

Noah shoots B

Team Champions win

Team Topher have to eliminate somebody

Who should go home from Team Topher

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 26, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.

I hope you guys are enjoying so far and if there's anybody who hasn't been posting (Probably not though) don't be afraid to, I'd love to hear your opinions. So yeah, please vote and this episode is dedicated to Trixielulamoon323

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