Previously on TDROTE:

Our cast was confirm as well as the fact Dakota is no longer Dakotazoid and that this season will be less cruel. Yeah not much but figured I'd start now

Remaining contestants:

Bridgette, Noah, Trent, Brick, Dawn, Zoey, Samey, Max, Sugar, Sky, DJ, Izzy, Leshawna, Tyler, Dakota, B, Scott, Jo, Beardo, Topher and Ella.

Team: My little hint is they will act like the action team, parodying the original. There's

Team C________

Team T________

Team N________

"Welcome back to another episode of Total Drama Revenge On The Earth" Chris says smiling in front of the camera.

"Amazing, can I try next time" Topher asks.

"Not unless you win"


"Now go join the others"


B, Dawn and Trent are sitting at a table.

"So do you ever say anything?" Trent asks B

Dawn shakes her head. "It's not in his aura" She says.

"Cool, is it ever difficult"

B nods.

Cargo Bay

Jo, Brick and Tyler are running laps around the bay as Samey, with nothing better to do keeps track of the number of laps each does.

"That's 2" Samey says as Tyler runs past her tired out.

"That's 26" She says a Brick runs past at more constant pace

"That's 35" She finally says as Jo runs past at a lot faster speed as if it were her first.

"So Jo, what do you think the first challenge will be?" Brick asks.

Jo shrugs. "Dunno, now hurry the pace up, you've still go another 24 to go"

A shadow appears in the background as the scene changes

Vote Off Location

DJ, Ella, Zoey and Bridgette are sitting on the seats.

"The number of times we've been here" DJ says remembering.

"Yeah" Bridgette agrees. "None of the good"

"What was it like travelling around the world?" Zoey around.

"It would've been nice if it weren't for the curse"

"And the plane"

"And Chris"

"And Alejandro"

"Wasn't it great to sing those" Ella sings.


"Not really..."

Plain Seats

Noah, Dakota, Sky and Izzy are sitting around on the seats.

"Wow, isn't it great to be back on a plane again or I guess for you guys this first it's so amazing to get to see the world again" Izzy says.

"Yeah, amazing" Noah says in his usual sarcastic voice "Can't wait for Chris to torture us"

"It'll be a great way to show off my beauty" Dakota says.

"At least it isn't robotic" Sky says.

First class

Leshawna, Beardo and Sugar sits around in the seats enjoying the luxuries.

Beardo is practicing his sound affect.

"Can you stop making those sound before I make you" Leshawna says.

Beardo stops.

"I can't wait to show off my looks to the world" Sugar says.

"You'd better be standing next someone looking real bad if you wanna look good"

"You don't know the first thing about looks"

"I know yours aint good"

Beardo gets in between the two before they can start fighting.

Somewhere else

Max looks at Scott.

"Will you help me with my eeeevil plans" Max asks.

"What is it?" Scott asks.

"I just need you to help me trick the others"

"Okay, who first?"

"After teams"

Okay, I might update this later but right now I can't be bothered because I refreshed another page it refreshed the one I was typing on instead and deleted everything so here's the summary.

Contestants run along great wall to decide what team they're on, last 7 to arrive go to elimination ceremony.

Team C: Jo, Brick, Scott, DJ, Noah, Leshawna and Ella (Named by Jo, Chris reminded them the last team with a name like it didn't do so well)

Team T: Topher, Dawn, Trent, Bridgette, Tyler, Zoey and Izzy (Named by Topher, Chris laughed at the memory)

Team N: (At elimination ceremony, in order of arrival) Samey, Beardo, B, Sugar, Sky, Dakota and finally Max. (Named by Samey to make all names like originals, Chris reminded them that the team they're named after did well)

Dedicated to Shadowshroom for choosing location.

Next chapter dedicated to whoever can guess the team names.

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