"Well Team Nile, you lose again. Okay so Beardo you're first safe"

"and B"

Sadly Samey and Sky this is a double elimination.

"Samey you're safe"

"Wait who's going home?"

"Me, I'm fired for the season, Topher's the new host"

Team Nile: Samey, B and Beardo

Team Champions: Ella, Jo, Brick, DJ and Noah

Team Topher: Tyler, Trent, Izzy, Dawn and Bridgette

Izzy tells Dawn some of her stories

Noah and Brick talk team strategy

Jo tries to strength DJ's confidence

Ella and Samey talk to each other

B and Beardo spends time with each other.

Trent and Bridgette talk to each other.

Team Swap-

Team Champions: Ella, Jo, Brick, DJ, B and Noah

Team Topher: Tyler, Trent, Izzy, Dawn, Beardo, Samey and Birdgette

The challenge is announced after they land in Mexico

They start hunting for 'El Cubaro' which is Chef in disguise.

Team Champions get lost

Team Topher find some tracks

The tracks are revealed to be Team Champions.

Team Champions win

Chris takes back role of host and Topher is kicked off show

Who from Team Topher should go home?

The poll was created at 05:49 on April 1, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.

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