"Okay everybody the votes are in" Blaineley says.

"Leonard, you are the first person not coming back since you got 5 votes"

"You looked at the votes wrong" Leonard says trying to change their mind

"While Mike, Max, Owen and Katie you will have to compete to continue in group 3"

"Next two out are Ezekiel and Amy with four each"

Ezekiel just looked down.

"And Samey gets in" Amy scoffs in disgust

"While Alejandro, Courtney and Cameron will compete from group 1 and Duncan, Gwen and Heather will compete from group 2"

"Our final two not coming back are Sugar and Zoey"

"But I'm so beautiful" Sugar complains

Everybody laughs

"I'm a fan favourite" Zoey says.

"Not anymore, anyway Staci you will be competing in group 4"

Topher and Samey are sitting next to each other talking. When Topher walks away it scrolls over to Beardo, Ella and Trent working together"

Dawn and DJ are talking to each other.

Jo is competing with Brick and Tyler. Tyler is losing by miles

Sky is stuck listening to Izzy rambling on

Bridgette and Noah are talking with each other.

"I miss Geoff" Bridgette says.

"I know what you mean" Noah says thinking about Emma.

Chris annouces the challenge in Paris as a fashion challenge

Brick is obviosuly excited.

After creating their outfits Chris and Chef judge the tells designs

Team Champions win thanks to Brick.

Team Topher come second.

Team Nile loses again.

When everybody reboards the plane it takes off. Sky however tumbles out and even though Chris and Chef turn back and eventually find her she has injured both her arms.

Who from Team Nile should go home?

The poll was created at 02:17 on March 29, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

(Please note this is a double elimination but only vote for the one you want gone the most)

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