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Team Topher is Really Really Really Hot

Elimination ceremony:

"Okay, that was a poor performance by you lot, some of you did nothing, while others..." Chris looks at Izzy. "Were counterproductive"

Topher is looking in a mirror to make sure his hair is alright while listening to Chris. "That was an amazing summary Chris" He says.

"And for that, Topher is the first safe"

Topher catches the bag.

"Next safe was the only shot one person, more than most of you. Dawn"

Dawn catches her bag

"The next person didn't do much, and was one of the first out, Trent"

Trent catches his bag.

"Another person who hasn't done much, Bridgette"

Bridgette catches her bag.

"You guys are the bottom three, Tyler, you were the first out. Zoey, you're a huge threat and Izzy, you shot your own team, but that doesn't matter because you're safe"

Izzy catches her bag.

"And the last barf bag goes to..."

Tyler looks around worried as Zoey gets ready to catch her bag.


They were both shocked. "What?!"


"Why?" Zoey asks her team.

"You're too confident and didn't do enough, too much of a threat to let go on. Also, you're not making enough drama" Topher explains

Zoey takes her parachute and jumps out of the plane.


  • Tyler-Izzy
  • Zoey-Tyler
  • Topher-Zoey
  • Bridgette-Tyler
  • Trent-Izzy
  • Izzy-Zoey
  • Dawn-Tyler
  • Scott-Changed them Dawn and Trent's votes to Zoey

Bonus Clip

Zoey plummets down. "I really though I would make it at least to the merge" She says pulling the parachute. "Oh well, at least I get to see Mike again. I guess maybe I need to work on getting through on my own"


  • Team Topher: Tyler, Topher, Bridgette, Trent, Izzy and Dawn
  • Team Nile: Samey, B, Beardo, Sky, Dakota and Max
  • Team Champions: Jo, Brick, Ella, Scott, Noah, DJ and Leshawna

Economy Class

Topher was talking with Samey.

"You really like Chris don't you" Samey says.

"I plan on taking his job"

"Should I be afraid"

"Not if you're a friend"

Suddenly the plane tips and plane crashing sound are heard.

Then it stops and Chris walks in handing something to Beardo. "Nice work" He says looking around at the panic stricken cast.

Trent and Beardo start talking about music after that.

B was sitting quietly by themselves

Bridgette, Sky and Dakota are talking.

Dawn was sitting with Izzy and Max but Izzy and Max were doing most of the talking.

First Class

Jo and Brick were congratulating Noah. "You're not the horribly useless person I thought you were" Jo says.

"Yeah, nice work out there soldier"

"Wasn't that hard"

Scott sat with Ella.

"It's so amazing to be on a world tour redo" Ella sings.

"Yeah, it's cool to be like another season"

Scott: Does she have to sing everything, I guess she's got to go

Leshawna was with DJ.

"It's nice to be up in first class ay big guy"

"Yeah, at least now I don't have to worry about the curse"

Leshawna nods in agreement

The plane lands and everybody looks around shivering.

"Don't worry I got you all jerseys and hot cocoa" Chris says.

"What's the catch" Leshawna asks.

"They're waiting at the finish line anyway the challenge is..."

"They're already left" Chef says.

"Well then, let's move over to the finish line"

Team Champions

Jo, Brick and DJ were lugging their teams sled along at a great pace moving quickly to the second part of the challenge.

"So glad we got the strong ones this round" Noah says to which the others agree

Team Nile

B and Sky were pulling their teams sled along at a slower less consistent pace.

"Does this landscape compliment my beauty?" Dakota asks.

"Focus on the challenge" Samey says.

"But we don't have to do anything"

Team Topher

Tyler and Izzy were pulling their teams sled along in last.

"Man these challenges Chris makes are great" Topher says.

The teams groans.

"You won't want to do that if you realize I'm going to become host"

The Break

Team Champions arrive and Noah warns them seconds before there team's sled falls into the water. Scott spots a sign and after trying to hide it from his team Leshawna notices and pushes him out of the way and into the water.

You must now ditch you're sleds and find away across this ice rift before sliding down to the beach, Chris

"Okay, so what do we do?" DJ asks after Leshawna reads it and the others teams hear.

"Team talks" Noah says and the teams all form circles.

Ella soon leads the way to the rift followed by the rest of Team Champions, she sings and a whale appears which the team proceeds to walk across, they slide down out of sight.

Tyler tries to following them but ends up falling in and just swims to the other side. The others jump across and eventually reach the other side. The slide down and Team Nile find themselves last to arrive.

Chris however had found a secret way of keeping track of the teams and Scott was revealed to have not arrives. He arrives seconds later and Jo out of anger drinks his Hot Cocoa and gives a still freezing Noah his jersey.

Who from Team Champions should go home?

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