COBRAS: Candice -, Wyatt -, Stephen -, Mahina, Emelina -, Pierre, Lenny -, Ioannis -, Tiffany -, Emily -, Zora -

HAWKS: Alex, Oscar -, Cleveland -, Chloe -, Haley -, Nick - , Rick -, David -, OC -, Amanda, Marty -, Rachael -

SQUIRRELS: Mark -, Riley -, Caitlin -, Lance -, Jake -, Carly -, Johnny -, Todd -, Page -, Nicolas -, Spencer -

"Hello and welcome back to another episode of Total Drama SYOC. Last time Stephen and Emily form the first alliance of the season. How long will it last, only time will tell. Most teams voted who should lead them and then in came a relay and the Squirrels finished first. However due to a name issue they lost and Carli was sent home to end.... wait you knwo which one I mean right. This one" Image of Carly appears on the screen. "No, Carli not Carly" Chris says.

"That is Carly" A voice from off screen says.

"No you have the wrong Carli" Chris says.

Image changes to Carli. "Yeah, her"

"Did I get it right?" The same voice asks.

"Yes... you know what screw this let's just get on with the show"

Stephen and Emily are relaxing side by side. "Ioannis" Stephen says under his breath.

"What?" Emily asks keeping the same tone.

"He's our first target"

"Why him, he seems nice enough"

"He's one of the villians, getting rid of him will be our first step"

"You sure?"

Stephen nods. "Yeah, you work on that and I'll work on a cover"

"Why do we need a cover"

"So nobody suspects the alliance"

Stephen: ​Emily doesn't seem like she'd stand a chance without me

"Got it" Emily gets up and accidentally walks into Ioannis not far away.

"Sorry" She says.

"It's fine" Ioannis says. "No need to worry about it"

Emily smiles at him. "So why'd you decide to come onto total drama"

​Emily:​ Getting to know Ioannis is the first step

​Ioannis: ​Emily is a huge threat however I can't risk trying to get rid of her yet

Riley is sitting in the cafeteria when Chloe walks over.

"Hi" Chloe says.

Riley looks a little surprised but after quickly gets over it. "Hi"

"You don't mind if I join you?"

"No of course not"

"Something up"


"What is it?"

Riley sighs. "Nobody seems to be noticing me"

"Why's that so bad, it'll get you far in the competition"

"Yeah, but it's lonely"

"You can always talk to me"

Riley smiles at her. "Thanks"

Riley: *Smiles at camera* At least somebody knows me. I can't believe I went this long without trying to confessional out.

Alex and Oscar are sitting in next to each other.

"Can't wait for the next challenge that last one was so awesome"

"Yeah, it'll be great for the sports we do"

'Oscar'': 'It's so great I'm on this show with Alex, I mean it gives me one target to focus on rather than getting the million

Alex: I've got to do whatever I can to beat Oscar and win the million. I can't be beaten

Chris calls the challenge and takes the contestants to some kind of arcade.

"Okay, todays challenge will be a gaunlet through many games in one vs. one. This will keep going until we have a winner"

"Round one will be a battle in Broken (Completely made up). You'll have to battle each other and the winner will go on to round 2"

"You shall be battling as following Stephen vs. Chloe, Rick vs. Spencer, Emily vs. Mark, Lenny vs. Jake, Cleveland vs. David, Lance vs. Tiffany, Johnny vs. Wyatt, Ioannis vs. Todd, Nicolas vs. Rachael, Riley vs. Candice, Zora vs. OC, Haley vs. Emelina, Caitlin vs. Oscar, Nick vs. Page, Marty vs. Carly, Pierre vs Amanda and Alex vs. Mahina"

"You have one hour to get ready"


Stephen and Chloe face off, Stephen armed with a battle axe and Chloe armed with a bow. Chloe shoots an arrow at Stephen, he steps to the side however and tosses his axe. Chloe caught by surprise fails to dodge and her consol shuts down.

"Chloe you're out"

Rick easily beats Spencer

Emily beats Mark

Lenny defeats Jake

Cleveland takes out David (I realised here they were on the same team) but since they were on the same team Chris eliminated Cleveland too

Lance easily defeats Tiffany as she takes a selfie

Johnny uses a surprise tactic to beat Wyatt

Ioannis kills Todd with a knife in his back

Nicolas gets taken out by Rachael

Candice doesn't realise she's facing somebody until she suddenly dies

OC takes out Zora

Haley surprises Emelina and takes her out

Caitlin let's Oscar take her out

Nick is beaten by Page using some strange weapon

Carly quickly takes out Marty

Pierre kills Amanda from behind

Alex takes out Mahina

​ROUND 2- Race

​Stephen isn't face enough to beat Rick

Emily foot trips Lance and wins

Johnny beats Lenny

Rachael out runs Ioannis

OC beats Riley without realising it

Alex beats Pierre

Page out runs Haley but only barely

Carly quickly beats Oscar

​ROUND 3- Team Building

​Hawks build a grand town and win

Cobras build a Dinosaur and come second

Johnnny builds a terrible attempt at Chris's face and loses

After the challenge Rachael is seen approaching Jake.

"Hey, something up?" Jake asks.

"Yeah, can I trust you not to tell anybody"

Jake nods hoping he was right

​Jake: ​This is never good

Lenny and Nicolas are playing a game of chess

Nicolas moves his queen putting Lenny is check but forgets to say it.

Lenny goes to moves a different piece than one that would get him out of check.

"You can't do that" Nicolas says

"Why not?"

"Because you're in check"

"No, if you don't say check it doesn't count"

"Well I shouldn't have to always tell you, you should be smart enough to notice"

"Are you calling me stupid?!"

​Lenny/Nicolas: ​I'm going to prove I'm smarter than Nicolas/Lenny

The Squirrels are sitting at the campfire. "You guys really suck" Chris says. "Anyway let's get on with it"

"Mark, Carly, Jake, Todd, Page, Lance, Nicolas and Spencer you're all safe"

"Caitlin, you sacrificed your game for Oscar and Johnny you did horrible in that last challenge"

"And the final room key goes to...
















"What?! Why am I out?" Johnny asks

"You're not very popular and you reall failed in that last challenge"

"I'll get you, all of you" Johnny says starting to get a strange look in his eye before Chef tosses him into the bus.

"Wait there's another room key" Chris says. "I'll just leave it here and let thing fix themselves"

As everybody walks off Riley grabs the room key.

Riley sighs sitting alone on the roof when he notices something shining on the roof top. He walk over to it and picks it up. It was a golden key with immunity written on it. Riley slips it into his pocket before walking back to his room.


​Johnny sits down. "This went worse then expected, I really hoped I'd at least survive the first five elimination. Out of everything it was the one thing I'd be extremey helpful in"

"Howdy Johnny, you the next one out" Carli asks.

"Yeah, wait why are you here?"

"We'll explain later"

Yeah, Johnny's out. He always was fodder and never seemed to be going far. He's in fact one of two characters from this person that I knew weren't going far. It was always planned for characters to be steadily evened out so that just added to the reasons. Hope you enjoy this arriving plots and the introduction of the immunity key.

As for the next person out your clue is:

That was a huge mistake

Also who do you want to win, who do you think will win and who do you think will be the last of your characters (If you have any)?

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