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  • DiedsenBoy

    News about DASJ

    August 11, 2011 by DiedsenBoy

    All the Characters Hello guys, I recently saw a picture on internet about this new animation series based in Total Drama Series, which all the character’s be new. There's a little preview!

    Dramatic Action's a new series based in Total Drama, where some teenagers signs up for a very dramatic (as the name says) reality show. They'll be stuck in a Camp-Resort (named Saint Jersey) for 20 weeks competing against each other for One Million Dollars. Only the last standing's gonna get the money, while the others don't receive anything. There'll be a lot of fights, relationships, betrayals, crying, anger... And as I said, DRAMA. Stay tune for this super reality show!

    Then that's the plot of the series. It's about a reality show happening in a Camp-Re…

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  • DiedsenBoy

    Could I see the face of a photo Silent B Increased ep. 02! His eyes are dotted, the nose reminds one of Beth and the mouth resembles that of Duncan. He wears a jacket with a blouse that seems to be stamped below. I got the riddle ... Or not!

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  • DiedsenBoy

    Hi my buddies,For the first time in my life I'm posting here (That's why I did not know the User's blog). I'm looking for news in full force and new concrete TDR and I'm almost playing the crazy look of both. Help me! Hopefully the teaser TDR leave tomorrow so we can see how the new season and new participants! Well, I think this season will also have voice talent of alumni joining the new voice actors. Just thought Jewry Alejandro nor Sierra participating! For it would be very angry if the staff and reassembling all focusing on Radioactive Wawanakwa! More news super super another time. Bye my friends!

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