Hi. I thought I'd make this just because it caught my attention. When season 4 was released, I was extremely disapointed with the new cast being so short, and the lack of epsidoes! I was glad season 5 would be 26, but I heard a NEW cast is being introduced halfway?

So there will be two seperate winners in TDAS? One from the new cast and one from the "All-Star" cast? Would it be possible the new cast in the backhalf of season 5 would be the new cast from season 6?

I don't like how AS and PI both take place on an island with a "camp theme". They did it already in season 1 and 4, so isn't the idea a little over used? How will the new cast in season 5 be able to develop when a BRAND NEW cast is being put in season 6? Why can't give the TDROTI cast time to develop, and then add in the new cast?

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