So right now I'm using the 12 confirmed characters shown on TDAS page on the wiki, I'll probably update this once all of the characters are confirmed. So this elimination will be how think the show will most likley turn out. Though I am probably going to be wrong. When if comes to eliminations, I'm never right. So let's start this thang:


12th Place: Camerom

Cameron...oh Cameron. Him winning season 4 was one of the most predictable things ever. He is a bubble boy with no social life and no expierence in live etc. It was really predictable and stupid. He's won already, depending where you live, and he just has no usefulness. He really had a weak personality that wasn't worth being created for. Meaning, he seemed like a character created just to fill the cast, like Staci.

11th Place: Zoey

I seriously think she is going home second. For one reason it would be a great "tragedy" if her and Mike were broken up. For some reason, Zoey reminds be of another Bridgette. They're both sweet and kind and are so involved with this relationship that no one really cares about. She's overreated and I used to be sad when she got the boot, but now I'm glad. She's fricking annoying and people don't like her. So yeah.

10th Place: Lightning

He made it far enough, and depending where you live, he's already won. I feel like he seems to have a personality of Courtney. Why? They both have this over-acheiving attitude. It's annoying and has been used before. He doesn't deserve to make it far again because his character has been squeezed out of the little personality he had.

9th Place: Mike

I don't think he'll make it past this position. He'll be devestated over Zoey's elimination and just end up being falling apart and so on. The multiple personality idea was great, but some of those personalities could have been used for other characters. That way it would give an even more varied personality range. He is annoying like Zoey. All he did in season four was whine about his mental issues.

8th Place: Courtney

Ok I know people think Courtney will make it far, but I'm not so sure. She's an annoying little pest who needs to be crushed with a metal boot with spikes. I'm sure most of the Villains will be sick of her attitude and kick her out. The only person that likes her one. Gwen and Duncan, if on the same team, will definatley try to eliminate her. That's all I got, and that's honestly what I believe.

7th Place: Gwen

This would be the perfect place for Gwen to go home. There'd be some scandal after Courtney goes home and Gwen will end up being sent up. It'd devestate Duncan, which I'd love to see, and be perfect for the show. The whole Gwen, Courtney, Duncan love triangle is CRAP. It's stupid and over rated and that was the whole STUPID focus of season 3.


6th Place: Duncan

Another perfect place for this jerk to go home. Courtney and Gwen gone, he has no purpose in the series anymore. Once again, he's made it too far too many times and just needs to go home. He was cool in season one, and in season two he was annoying and just an idiot in season three. Sorry for my crudeness here, just sayin...

5th Place: Jo

People think she won't make it far, but I think she'll at least make it past the merge. She does seem to be like a less-hardcore Eva, and I like that. She was eliminated too early last time, and should have made it further than Scott. Anyway, Jo can sure scheme up things in this season and I'm sure after the merge, the Hereos will be like "nope!" and send her packing...or people just don't like her,

4th Place: Heather

I think this because, she's made it too far and not only that but she's a good stategist...I don't think that's spelled wrong. But with who I left in the show, she is definatley going to be sent home right about here, and thats what I think will happen.

1st/2nd/3rd: Lindsay, Sierra, Alejandro

This I am not sure about at all. All the people who seemed like they'd make it far, didn't. Now we're left with these guys. Alejandro made it far last time, Sierra does have potential and Lindsay is just an amazing character who got kicked off too early last time and unfairly each time. Lindsay for sure I'd expect to make it to the final two, and even win. The other two guys...I DONT KNOW.

Thought, opinions? Tell me what you think. Once I look at

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