This is a discussion blog, so please say in the comments where it is and have a (civil) debate. :] Anyways, for me, myself, and I, the Ridonculous Race was a fantastic season and I still think that after 2 and 1/2 months of reflecting. The hate mail Fresh got after TDAS really got to their heads and they created an amazing season from start to finish (if you assume the Cadets won because let's be real they did). RR brought character development, tension, humor, conflicts we CARED about, friendships, and an amazing cast with only 2 real duds. It should be really obvious who those two are. The boot order was in general great, and in a year where RTV was filled with horrible boot orders (I'm looking at you, Survivor: Cambodia) this was a much needed relief. It's safe to say that RR is #1 in my season rankings for good reasons: it's nearly perfect and gives me new hope in the TD franchise.

Where does RR fit in your rankings? Was it a disappointment, or a breath of fresh air? Do you think it's just "meh"?

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