Well, it's the off season and RR is still a few months away, so since we're not seeing another season in over a year, I'd like to discuss the direction that the show is going in. Ridonculous Race seems to have revived some interest in the fandom, but we all know that we're just waiting for season 7 to come on and show up on our screens. But from this point in the franchise, there are several options to explore for the season.

The main question is if they should do another returnee season or if there should be an all new cast. Keep in mind, the last 2 casts haven't had nearly enough exposure as the first gen cast, but a lot of them are gimmicks that don't really need another run aka Staci. There's also some people from the first cast that still have something left to give like Leshawna. New faces are needed desperately though, and with an assumed return to the 26 episode format, they should get decent development compared to the last two casts. So what do yall think? Should season 7 be newbies or veterans or a mix of both? What are some new things needed to revitalize the show and satisfy both the fandom at large and the young CN audience? 

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