I made this blog to speculate who is going to be returning in the Ridonculous Race. K, let's get started.

First GenEdit

Alejandro and Heather: Chances: Maybe
You and I weren't meant to last.

The Power Couple

Ah, the Total Drama power couple. After both of their eliminations in All-Stars and lots of sexual tension, they finally hooked up.

They could be in RR because: Using the most famous (and IMO the best) TD couple is a good way to bridge the gap between seasons.

Katie and Sadie: Chances: Maybe

The twin BFFFLs. They fought and made up a lot in TDI, and haven't returned since.

They could be in RR because: All seasons need a little filler. :)


Owen and Izzy/Noah: Chances: Very Likely

The Weirdos

Owen and Izzy began bonding when Izzy returned in TDI, and eventually became a couple. They maintained that relationship all through TDA and TDWT, up until Izzy's sudden elimination and break-up. On the other hand, Noah and Owen had a friendship dating back to TDI, but it was only really fleshed out in WT. Both quickly became great friends, and Owen moped Noah's elimination episode's after it happened, and eventually turned on Alejandro because of it.

They could be in RR because: Owen has been practically confirmed for RR, because Julie said that they had "special plans" for him. Makes sense, why not use TD's most iconic contestants to help bridge the gap between series? The real debate lies between who will be accompanying him, since this season is based off of teams of two. In my opinion, Noah coming back is more likely considering fan feedback and the fact that Izzy broke up with Owen in Jamaica Me Sweat.

Geoff and Bridgette: Chances:  None

Bridgette has been confirmed not to be in the RR, and by extension of their relationship, Geoff too.
Geoff and Bridgette kissing

The Aftermath Hosts

Leshawna and Harold: Chances: Inverse to Samkota

Harold began crushing on Leshawna sometime in TDI, unbeknownst to her. At his elimination ceremony and through his haikus, he professed his love to Leshawna, and they shared a kiss. In the next season however, after breaking up with him in the special Leshawna mostly ignored his obvious flirts, but took a strong protective stance towards him in his conflict with Duncan. In World Tour, this situation remained mostly the same until Leshawna was eliminated by Alejandro. In the aftermath, she displayed clear affection towards him with nicknames and the cuddling scen in the exclusive clip for Hawaiian Style.

They could be in RR because: Brian Froud, Harold's voice actor, released a tweet about RR which he took down shortly after. This means one of three things: Harold is coming back, Sam is coming back, and/or her is voicing a new character. By extension to Harold, Leshawna could be coming back too, and they could finally end their plotline.

Sierra and Cody: Chances: Unlikely

They could be in RR because: Coderra, anyone? It could be funny to see Cody squirm again, but they would likely be filler if they came back.

Lindsay and Tyler: Chances: Unlikely

In TDI, Tyler and Lindsay quickly hooked up, to their respective team's chagrin. They were mostly forgotten until World Tour, where both of them recieved development in their relationship, with Lindsay even remembering Tyler's name, a big accomplishment on her part.

They could be in RR because: To remind us they exist? Comic relief? I don't know, but if they came back they probably wouldn't last long.

Anyone besides these people are non-factors.

2nd GenEdit

Jo and Lightning/Brick: Chances: Maybe 
Jo smiles at Lightning

Jock and Jock-ette

They could be in RR because: Jock, anyone? Jo and Brick's conflict was a major plot line up until he was eliminated. Jo and Lightning were originally an alliance, but broke down once Jo abandoned Lightning in Grand Chef Auto. It was one of the few plotlines from Revenge that continued in All Stars. In my opinion, this is the most likely Revenge grouping besides Scott/Courtney.

Scott and Courtney: Chances: Likely 

The WTF Couple of All-Stars

They could be in RR because: After Courtney was eliminated in Sundae, Scott clearly showed that he missed her. Courtney clearly showed that she liked Scott back in All-Stars. They would play as a team and eventually get back together.

Sam and Dakotazoid: Chances: Inverse to LeHarold

They could be in RR because: Brian Froud, Sama nd Harold's voice actor, is confirmed for RR through his tweet. That means that Sam/Harold is returning, or he is voicing a new character like Kristin. Dakota is directly tied to Sam, so her chances depend on Sam's chances, which are the same as Harold's. 

Mutant Girl and Mutant-Loving Gamer

Mike and Zoey: Chances: Unlikely 
Zoke Kiss

The Terrible Twosome

They could be in RR because: They really don't have much of a chance. Thre was a large backlash to the heavy focus on the two in All-Stars, Fresh said that this was for the long-time fans, and most of all, Mike is extremely controversial within this very fandom.

Anyone else is a non-factor.

3rd GenEdit

Jasmine and Shawn: Chances: Very Likely

The Outdoor Survivalists

The battle couple of TDPI, both of these outdoor survivalists quickly got on each others' good sides. However, after Shawn hit her with a stick in A Blast From the Past, she became hostile toward him. Eventually, when Shawn sacrificed himself so she could win in Hurl and Go Seek, they made up and became official. They stayed strong even after Jasmine's elimination, but encountered a major obstacle in the finale: how they would split the prize money. Jasmine wanted to start a buisness, ahile Shawn wanted to build a zombie shelter. Shawn revealed he didn't want to split the prize money because how much his side would cost and he thought Jasmine's idea was terribel. When Chris revealed this mid-way into the finale, Jasmine was left devastated that Shawn would betray her like that. They made up after Shawn got caught up in the avalanche, and Shawn won the million dollars.

They could be in RR because: They're recent and were the only couple to hook up in TDPI.

Amy and Samey: Chances: Likely 

Twinning Isn't Everything

They could be in RR because: The twin drama. They could be used as effective filler for a few episodes, and maybe they could reconcile, or Samey could gain the upper hand on Amy. Who knows? The writers.

Sky and Dave: Chances: Maybe 

My boyfriend Keith… My boyfriend Keith… My boyfriend Keith…

They could be in RR because: Their unresolved plotline from Pahkitew Island. I really have no idea how the writers will handle them, because they're a blank slate as of now.

Sugar and Leonard: Chances: Maybe 


They could be in  RR because: theyre magical <3

Will add more later, plz post comments of what you think. :) My picks are

1. Jasmine and Shawn

2. Scott and Courtney

3. Jo and Lightning/Brick

4. Leshawna and Harold/Sam and Dakota

5. Owen and Noah

6. Amy and Samey