I have not made a blog in a few months. Oh WHALE (<-- you see my pun there?), I decided I'd make a new blog since the wiki is dead anyways and this is a topic that I'd like to discuss. Basically, I want to know what everyone thinks season 7 could be, since I'm tired of discussing the same topics about the seasons past. This blog is a work in progress, as I have several ideas and I'd like to here yalls ideas in the comments.




The basic premise of this season is that we'd get all of Total Drama's greatest villains and pit them against each other. "Villains" is a loose term, so anybody that has been in an antagonistic role could be considered a villain for this, even though they are not villainous otherwise such as Leshawna, Gwen, or Sky. But the majority of the cast would be the main antagonists + minor antagonists. A big point to the season would be the drama and backstabbing all the villains would naturally do, and it would be interesting to watch a season where strategy was actually considered after World Tour.

My idea of the cast: Heather, Duncan, Justin, Leshawna, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, Jo, Anne Maria, Scarlett, Sugar, Max, Dave, Sky



Typical Total Drama fan.

Newbies or returning players. This is a major point of contention when it comes to another season of Total Drama. Develop some underused characters/screenhogs more, ore bring in a new cast? This premise puts that debate to rest, as both veterans and newbies will compete. The name suggests that the veterans and newbies will be on conflicting teams, but the teams could otherwise be split in different ways. Considering 26-episode seasons are more likely since RR is 26 episodes, there will be ample time to give focus to newbies and returning players both. A major concern with this idea however is that the returnees would hog up the screen time/use the newbies as cannon fodder, but hopefully this can be averted. This theme could honestly go with any location, but I think a return to the film lot would symbolize the newbies being "starstruck". Because, y'know, movie stars and such. ANY contestant could return, but in all honesty fan favorites probably won't be the ones returning, as the definition of favorite could probably be the writer's definition, which consist of Owen, Duncan, and Zoke.

My idea of the cast: 10 new campers, 10 campers from gens 1-3

More to come.

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