Blergh, almost half a year since my last blog. :( Out of boredom, I had decided to blog about a very special couple and their very special fandom, both of which have gotten on my nerves lately. In case you haven't noticed, there are quite a few people who are rather loud about their support for this ship, both on and off the wiki. Common reasons for supporting their possible relationship include a line of dialogue from A Blast from the Past, where one of the twins say "Topher thinks you're fat!" and... uh... they look cute together? Also a couple of animation pieces like these gems:




Woah, Topher is totally checking Samey out!

Okay, HOW would this couple ever work? Most of its supporters support it for extremely shallow reasons, and that never makes a very good couple. Ever. I haven't seen one Sampher fan give me a reason to like it besides they look cute. This couple honestly irritates me by how much it doesn't make sense.

So anyways, l'd like to hear your opinions on this atrocity, and whether you somehow support it or you take the sane side and despise it.

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