Leonard TDRR Rank

god <3

This blog is a place for Leonard fans (who seem to be as rare as indie references Zoey makes) to gush over his hilarious prescence and how he deserved to make it further. A few reasons to like Leonard:

  1. He's funny. Quite a few of his gags made me laugh, and in his second showing his humor only improved.
  2. He didn't last too long to get annoying like some of the other Pahkitews did. COUGHrodneyCOUGH.
  3. He's strategic. We ALL saw how he tried to team up with the Goths (who later on showed that they were enough of a threat to be actively targeted to slow them down). That showed Leonard is perceptive and cunning, and could give many contestants a run for their money in the strategic chops department.
  4. Leonard is sexy and has an even sexier girlfriend female LARPer acquaintance to match. RR needed some eye candy and the LARPers brought it.
  5. He showed potential. Leonard could be a very deep character if the writers didn't rob him of his deserved successive final 2's.
  6. He is a wizard. The only other contestant with supernatural abilities is Dawn, so that makes him really unique.
  7. He was the center of all the drama on his team for his short stay in Pahkitew Island. Leonard honestly would have brought the entertainment factor and we could have had a Sugard power couple dominating Pahkitew. That would have been much more interesting than Skave crap.

These are just a few of the many reasons to appreciate Leonard more. Comment more and spread the love for this underrated gem who honestly needs a third chance. #WizardLeonard #TeamLARPers #LeonardWasRobbed #RoobedGoddness

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