Well, Total Drama All Stars has come to a close. The finalie was okay. It was pretty funny, the challenge was cool, Chef was funny, Owen/Mr. Coconut cameo, Aleheather. But it has soom pretty HUGE flaws.

1. No more multiple personalities - Really? Why? That's what Mike is known for. Vito, Chester, Manitoba, and Svetlana were all hilarious. I'm gonna miss them like heck.

2. The peanut gallery - Are you kidding me? No peanut gallery besides Al, Heather, Gwen, and Cameron? I mean did everyone else die? What happened with Scott and Courtney? What happened to Duncan? So many unanswered questions that we might never know the answers to.

3. A lot more, I'm sure.

So, please tell me what you thought of the finalie. What you liked and what you didn't. And, how does this finalie rank among the others?

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