Hello! In this blog I will be talking about my first impressions on the new contestants and the season itself. Obviously, because these are first impressions, they’re bound to change. So, in no particular order, here are my first impressions of the contestants.

Amy & Samey – Amy’s a b*tch. Fortunately though, she’s a funny b*tch.  Samey on the other hand is really kind. She reminds me of Bridgette in the way that she’s not a super interesting character but she’s just nice and likable. Samey has low self esteem though due to her sister treating her like dirt. Samey’s that mistreated underdog that you just want to root for/hug. Both of them are very enjoyable so far.

Max – He was not as bad as I expected him to be. I had VERY low expectations for him but he was actually pretty funny. I can’t say he’s one of my favorites though. I am curious to see where his character goes and whether I’ll end up liking him or not. Although, I am certain I’ll never like his butt ugly design. Definitely the worst design I’ve seen in Total Drama so far.

Scarlett – She was pretty boring and dull. Nothing she said or did stood out to me. She doesn’t seem very interesting yet. She has potential though.

Sky – Like Scarlett, Sky was pretty boring in the first two episodes, which was disappointing. She is pretty cool because she’s an amazing athlete and all but overall she was just boring. She definitely has potential though and I hope she’ll reach it soon. Plus, she said “I’m not here to meet boys, I’m here to win” so I’ll doubt she’ll be another Zoey like some people are fearing.

Rodney – I didn’t expect Rodney to be this annoying. When I heard that’d he fall in love with a different girl every episode I thought he’d be fairly interesting. I was wrong. I’m not sure what it is but he just rubs me the wrong way. He’s incredibly boring and did nothing interesting or funny. His face annoys me, his voice annoys me, and his personality annoys me. I don’t want him to stick around for long.

Beardo – Beardo was better than I expected. He was actually pretty funny.  I especially love how he made the sound Pac-Man makes whenever he loses a life after finding out he had been voted off. 14th place is a perfect place for him as he is a gimmicky character. He’d probably get annoying if he stuck around longer.

Leonard – One of the worst of the new contestants. He was somewhat funny and I enjoyed his conflict with Dave but overall I don’t like him. Like Rodney I find his design, personality, and especially his voice very annoying. I’m glad he was eliminated early on. I for one won’t miss him.

Sugar –My least favorite contestant besides Leonard. I know she has a lot of fans but I can’t stand her. She’s obnoxious and not in a funny or entertaining way. Her “relationship” with Leonard was not enjoyable in anyway and yeah….I just don’t like her.

Ella – Ella was one of my favorites. She’s pretty gimmicky but I like her nonetheless. I can’t really explain why I like her so much. Like I said before, I can’t stand Sugar but her conflict with Ella is her one high point.

Jasmine – She was pretty cool. She seems interesting and it’s nice to have some diversity among the cast. She seems like she’ll be one of the strongest contestants when it comes to the challenges. I’m also excited to see what happens between her and Shawn.

Shawn – I had high expectations for Shawn. When the information came out about him being paranoid about a zombie apocalypse and being a survival expert I thought he was one to watch out for. And I was not disappointed. He was just all around funny and enjoyable. I can’t wait to see more of him and his relationship with Jasmine. I’m sure he’ll end up being one of my favorites.

Topher – Topher was one of the funniest characters in the first two episodes. The thing is, he didn’t really do much. He barely interacted with people who aren’t named Chris. Hopefully they give him something else to do besides fawning over Chris. It’s funny, but I hope that’s not the only thing he does all season. Even if that doesn’t happen he’ll probably still be a fairly enjoyable character.

Dave – Surprisingly, Dave was my favorite character from the first two episodes. He’s the normal guy. He is obsessive about being clean, but other than that he’s normal. And it’s his reactions to all the insanity and chaos around him that made me find him hilarious. I’m interested to see what happens with his crush on Sky and hope to see more hilarious sarcasm from him.   

For the season itself so far, I think it’s great. The episodes were funnier than I expected them to be. There were no glaring problems with either of the episodes. I’m cautiously excited to see what’s next. So, that’s about it. I’d love to hear your first impressions on the characters/season so please leave comments!

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