What are some of you favorite quotes from the show? Which quotes do you find the funniest or most memorable? Put 'em in the comments!

Here are a few of mine:

“Considering buying myself a life on Craigslist, but having trouble deciding because they are all such a major improvement.” – Noah mocking Sierra. (1st)

“Toodles” - Mal

“I’m not going to be taken down by a group of bunnies. Help! I’m getting taken down by a group of bunnies!” – Scott

“Don’t probe me, bro!” – Tyler

"It's payback time. And I don't care if that's okay with everyone." - Commando Zoey (3rd)

"..." - B

"Must...resist...the murder..." - Geoff about Blaineley

"Can't resist a little chaos." - Mal (2nd)

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