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    Hello!!!! You are watching my blog for another time. (YOU HAVEN'T SEEN MY BLOGS????-just kidding). As some of you may know, I'm a DeviantArt User: I'm making Total Drama pics, and I recently started making Bg!!!! Here you can see a gallery with my bg. Also, I take requests!!!! So, feel free to ask me, and plz, ASK ME!!!! (lol, it isn't necessary....)

    And don't forget! If you are on dA, make me a friend!!!!!

    Yours, G₩₠nn¥¿ ฿₮R RO₡₭$! § 10:46, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • DeadPrincessMeow

    Hello! I created this blog, just to show you some of my friends, in TD way!

    People you may see there:

    Me(Catherine): This is me! My friends say that i'm very nice and friendly.Also, they say that I'm the best goalkeeper girl in our class! Strange but true! I'm also the leader of Volleyball's team.I hate basketball.

    Anne:My bestie! Awesome girl and the best football player EVER! She is creative, she writes stories and she is the best friend that you can have!

    Vicky: My second best friend. She is awesome in volleyball, very good at French and loves animals.

    Annette:My worst enemy. Look what she did to me:She stole my boyfriend, she tries to make my life hard, she tries to steal my best friend and more... She is good in running and the most beauti…

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