yup, best season since tdi bar none for me.

5 dave. he really became spiteful after sky's revalation. for once he actually had some balls.

4 sky. i was about to rage when she fake kissed dave and the revalation didn't help until she confirmed that she actually did like dave. she made mistakes but at the end of the day she was sincere about why she was here but deep down she actually cared about him. i'm currious to see the other ending

3 jasmine. i like that she was more hurt then mad at shawn's confessional, goes to show that she genuinely cares about him and her concern overcoming her anger speaks volumes about how much she's grown.

2 shawn. he finally has his priorities figured out. i like that he didn't win it for himself and won it for jasmine too.

1 chris. the most entertaining chris has ever been. the confessionals, the lines, showing sky's audition tape! it's going to be hard for RR to top chris as a host.

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