3 episodes in and this is already the best the show has been since the first half of tdwt. jazmine is a surprise hit for me, her and shawn are already my favorites. the twins turned out to be a total surprise, i thought they would be a katie and cadie rehash but boy was i wrong. really liked samey standing up for herself thanks to jazmines pep talk. the cannon fodder i mean beardo and the wizard had their moments but left approriately. the purple haired kid is surprisingly funny, so is sugar. sky felt like a zoey rehash until she said she wasn't focsusing on boys but winning, instantly making her better than zoey. dave, the character i had the highest hopes for, so far is a bit of a letdown. rodnie is delusional but funny. and topher is sucha fame who%$, but my initial impression that he would td's first token seems wrong? he just comes off like a male sierra minus the crazy lover obsession. ella was annoying at first, but somewhere down the line i couldn't help but love her. why wasn't she in tdwt i have no idea. scarlet seems meh but that could change

to whoever told me not to give up on this show on youtube, good call

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